How to Avoid the Most Common Summer Illnesses

by Supplement Rant Staff

The summer season is made up of a few glorious months. I mean, let’s be honest, we are extremely eager for summer to get here. We wait for it all year long, and when it’s finally here, we revel in the warm sunlight. We take advantage of it, actually. We go on camping trips, we take vacations, we lay out by the pool, we go to the beach, and so on. So, what’s the downfall to all of this?

Summer Illnesses

Summer illnesses are not fun. They quite literally put a dent in our awesome plans. So, our job is to stop these illnesses in their tracks. Check out some of the most common ones below and learn how to avoid them as best as you can.


Bedbugs live in unclean linen, we all know this much. What we may not know is that they can also thrive and survive in places like trains, planes, theaters, or any other place where there’s upholstery of any sort. Watch out for these cushiony places. In addition, they may be found near an electrical socket or a window frame.

Though bedbugs really only cause minor irritation in most of its victims, there are still people out there that have severe allergic reactions to them. So, to avoid getting bit by one of these annoying little insects, look closely when sitting down on an upholstered seat that you’re unfamiliar, or even familiar, with. Each bedbug is approximately the size of an apple seed and they give off a reddish brown-like color, making them rather easy to spot.

If you may have bedbugs lurking in your home, or if you want to be cautious and make sure you don’t have them lurking around, follow a few simple steps:

  • Always vacuum upholstered furniture first, if you’re suspicious, or if you spot a bedbug
  • Wash all linens, especially bed linens, and dry them on the highest heat possible

If they do happen to appear and suck that blood of yours, be sure to wash the area with soap and water every day. In addition, you may apply anti-itch cream to combat the symptoms.

How to Avoid the Most Common Summer IllnessesSunburns

Sunburns are serious stuff. I mean, if you get enough of them, you could be at a high risk for getting melanoma, and trust me when I say, that is not worth it.

Instead of burning that skin of yours, apply SPF 30. Specifically, apply SPF 30 to your face every day that you’re out in the sun, even if you’ll be exposed to the sunlight for only 5 minutes. If you’re going to be staying outside for a long time, try applying two coats of sunscreen, so you don’t miss any spots.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning sucks, and it happens more in the summer than any other time of the year. This is because when the warm weather is around, bacteria tend to multiply a hell of a lot faster. So, preparing food outside becomes harder and keeping food outdoors for people to eat becomes dangerous. For example, a simple and fun backyard BBQ can actually house E. coli and salmonella, two horrible food poisoning illnesses. And, to add, there are countless things that can go wrong and provoke these bacteria. Some are listed below:

  • How to Avoid the Most Common Summer IllnessesFood may sit out too long
  • Raw meats may mix with raw vegetables
  • Cooking counters and surfaces may not be cleaned properly
  • Meats may be undercooked

Just be careful when cooking and eating foods, especially outdoors.


This unfortunate life-threatening bacterium is most often found in places like gyms and locker rooms. In the summer, MRSA is most often found in changing rooms at public pools, beaches, and water parks.

So, in order to limit your exposure to this deathly bacterium, you’ll have to follow a set of guidelines when you’re at any of these places. For instance, do not, by all means, walk around with bare feet; Put some shoes on! In addition to this, try your best to always clean gym equipment before and after using it, and try to always put a towel down on a bench before sitting. These few tips are emphasized if you have any cuts or open sores that could make you more susceptible to getting the disease.

If you happen to have a fever along with a skin bump (especially the bumps that are red, warm, swollen, and painful), seek medical attention as soon as possible. It’s better to be ahead of the game than to catch the illness full-blown.


Scabies really do love warm weather; Like, it’s their favorite. Most of the time, scabies get under your skin when you’re exposed for a long period. However, scabies can seep into your skin on an airplane, bus, or even rental-car. In addition, scabies can make their move when you’re lying on a massage table, too.

Typically, scabies produces a super annoying rash, most commonly found on wrists, elbows, armpits, nipples, genitals, and rear ends. This rash can last up to 6 weeks, if severe enough.

There’s no easy way to prevent getting this illness, other than covering your skin up, especially when using public transportation. After traveling, I’d also like to suggest washing and drying your clothing. Make sure you use hot water and hot dryer settings.

Bee Stings

A lot of people are terrified of bees, and they tend to run away or swat them in the opposite direction. Well, there’s one little fact you should keep in mind when trying to prevent a bee sting: Don’t wear cologne or any scented hair products; These really do provoke bees.

Also, another important fact is to always pour your drinks into a cup. Do not drink them straight from a can or bottle. If a bee happens to fall in the can or bottle, you won’t be able to see it, and you might end up swallowing it. Swallowing a bee can cause severe health issues, including the swelling of your throat shut.

If you do happen to get stung by one this summer, make sure you apply ice and anti-itch cream to the affected area. Do not rub around the area, as this could spread the venom from the bee. And, avoid using tweezers to get the stinger out, as this could cause infection to occur. Use your nail to scrape the thing out instead.

Stay safe this summer ya’ll!


By Jenny Lyn

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