How to balance work and workouts

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How to balance work and workouts

Getting fit is already hard as it is. How do men with full-time jobs work out and train?

This is one of the questions men ask before pushing through with a gym membership or a fitness regimen – and it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. Men are providers, men need to take care of their families, and if there’s something else that would take so much of your time like exercise and training, how would you balance your time?

It’s more than just effective time management. Balancing work, life, and workouts is more important for us men than women. Most of us men think that they don’t have the time to engage in time and energy-draining exercise. Let’s face it; most of us would rather sleep than work out. The moment you consider working out to build muscle, you’d quickly learn that you wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to get that body you’ve always wanted. So how would you get it without sacrificing your personal life and work?

The Advantage of Supplements

You might have wondered how your hulking colleague has the time to work out, live a fun-filled life outside of the office, yet has enough time to do well in the office. It’s highly likely that he’s using supplements – either that or he’s just a genetic marvel.

Supplements help you develop muscles faster and more efficiently. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work out. Of course, you would still need to make an effort to sweat it out at the gym. Taking supplements enable you to make the most out of your workouts.

Not all muscle-building supplements are the same

Despite the claims of manufacturers that they have the best muscle-building supplement, no supplement can do it all. From the name itself, all it does is to supplement what is lacking from your diet, to make your bodybuilding workout more effective.

Here’s a crash course into muscle-building supplements

Protein powders – Useful only when you don’t have enough protein in your diet to feed your muscles. Less protein, less muscle growth. If you eat a good portion of lean meat and eggs in your diet, you wouldn’t need these.

Pre-workout supplements – Supplements that play with your energy levels and mood to work out. If you don’t find yourself lacking the motivation to work out, then you might want to skip these. If you feel sluggish, drink a cup of coffee before working out. That should do the trick. You might want to get supplements that boost Nitric Oxide to get you more pump during workouts.

Testosterone Boosters – Testosterone affects muscle mass development. Basically, when you work out, this magnifies the benefits. Think of it as a springboard to get you the body you want. If you want a work-life-workout balance, this is what you would want to get.

Which supplements should you take?

Increasing the intensity of your workout cuts the time you spend to get the body you want. Take a product that would boost nitric oxide levels in your blood, like NitroGenix 365. If you want to take it up a notch, get testosterone boosters like Xtreme Testosterone. This would further boost your muscle development, even when your muscles are at rest. Lastly, decrease your recovery time with a recovery supplement like Deer Antler Maximum Strength to increase the lag in between workouts, so you can do more workouts.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about effective time management. Work-life-workout balance is entirely possible. The question is, are you up for the challenge?

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