How to Firm Up Naturally with Ginseng     

by supplementrant
Ginseng For Men

What a lot of men forget is that getting an erection is hard work. There are complicated physical and chemical elements involved in the whole process. Physically and psychologically these processes need to be orchestrated perfectly in order to achieve the rock hard boner that has become the cultural norm, and expected on demand. Nearly 30 million men have reported difficulties with getting erections. And if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction currently with age erectile dysfunction is imminent. 50% of men over 50 report some type of erectile dysfunction hampering their sexy time. So when your penis has fallen on hard times, or soft times rather, where do you turn? A lot of men reach for the infamous blue pill Viagra, but what if there was a cheaper all-natural alternative?

There are medical records dating back to 100 A.D. detailing the medical usage of ginseng in the East. The proof is on the tortoise shell, ginseng has successfully treated sexual dysfunction in men for hundreds, nay thousands, of years. Now Korean Red Ginseng is also referred to as Panax Gingseng, which translates from ancient Greek to ‘all healing’ or ‘panacea’.  It was used in traditional Chinese Medicine to eliminate evil qi, brighten the eyes, open the heart, and sharpen the wit. The medicinal herb is a vitamin mineral rich food that contains a blend of 42 natural minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential oils. It is considered to be a cure all and serves a variety of functions including but not limited to:

·        Restoring vitality

·        Alleviating stress

·        Increasing blood circulation

·        Sharpening concentration and brain function

·        Boosting the immune system

·        Detoxifying and toning major organs

·        Protecting the liver (especially from alcohol damage)

·        Combats aging

·        Helps with recovery from surgery and chemotherapy

·        Improves libido in both males and females

·        Alleviates erectile dysfunction

·        Diminishes the effects of Fibromyalgia

So let’s get down to the science behind the magical results that ginseng can have. Since Korean Red Ginseng is made up of Saponins (molecular components) that are a vital part of a plant’s immune system, when humans eat the plant the function can help to activate cellular functions in the human body. Saponins produce a compound called Ginsenosides, which contact the central nerve system, endocrine system, and immune system. Ginsenosides contain powerful adaptogens that help us deal with stress. Ginseng simultaneously stimulates blood vessel production and therefore improves blood circulation to all body parts, the penis included.

ginseng-koreanredginsengThis plant offers more than just direct blood flow to the penis. Remember earlier when I was talking about the complex and intertwined elements that are necessary for a man to experience hearty erection? The reason ginseng is considered so vital to all natural erectile dysfunction treatment is not only for its ability to relax penile blood vessels; it is also the perfect solution to any psychological hindrances. It can work to increase orgasm quality and repair low sex drive that has been psychologically induced.  Ginseng’s ability to sooth a stressed nervous system is the secret to a better sex life. Taking Korean Red Ginseng first calms the nerves and improves moods and then helps to produce more blood flow to the smooth muscles in the penis while aiding in nitric oxide production to facilitate an erection.  Ginseng saves the day in all areas where men might experience bedroom troubles, studies show that the powerful perennial plant improves rigidity, ability to penetration, maintain penetration, and experience orgasms.

So how should men take ginseng safely for optimal erectile effectiveness?

Clinical studies conclude that doses of anywhere between 600-1000 mg of Panax ginseng taken three times daily is the most effective. Subjects showed the most significant improvements within a 4 to 12 week window. So do not get discouraged if you are not experiencing improved erections within the first week. You may experience an initial boost in energy immediately though. Most studies have found ginseng to be entirely safe when ingested in the appropriate dose range.

Herbal supplements are not usually regulated by the FDA and should be taken with caution and only after consulting a primary care provider. Ginseng can have negative side effects when interacting with different prescribed medications. It can also have negative effects for people with different cancers, heart conditions, and those who suffer from insomnia. It is important to never take more than the recommended dosage. It is easy to think that just because a supplement is natural that the more you take the better the results. This is not the case, only taking the recommended amount will yield the best results safely.

Why Korean Red Ginseng?

Korean Red Ginseng contains more Rg1 ginsenosides when compared with American grown Ginseng, which has a larger percentage of Rb1 ginsenosides that act as a mild sedative. Korean Ginseng is considered the most potent or stimulating species of the plant. Korean culture believes it has strong ‘yang’ energy, which is categorized as more masculine when compared to the passive or soft ‘yin’ energy traditional Chinese medicine discusses. Siberian Ginseng, though harder to come by, has similar effectives on stamina and energy as Korean Red. However, Siberian Ginseng is not actually ginseng at all, it is a close relative of the plant named Eleutherococcus senticosus (try and say that three times fast).

Give it to your lady

ginseng-giveittoyourladyThat’s right; women can reap the sexual benefits of taking ginseng regularly. Ginseng helps balance out hormone production. When women reach menopause their sex drive plummets from a hormonal disturbance. Ginseng can normalize sexual desire and bring more blood flow to the female genitalia while relaxing them. For the younger ladies, ginseng can regulate the menstrual cycle and treat the horrible symptoms of PMS. Along with all improved sexual functions, ginseng helps sharpen the mind in men and women alike. Take it yourself, give it to your partner, become smarter, more virile, hornier, harder, and energized using the Korean wonder plant ginseng.

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