How to improve focus at work 

by supplementrant
How to improve focus at work

Do you find yourself easily distracted? 

Getting stuck at a place you’re itching to get out of can easily make you lose your focus. You can find yourself easily distracted by anything, and once you try to get back on track, you’re lagging way behind your tasks, or worse – you no longer feel like doing it. Losing concentration while working is the most common performance problem in an office setting, and employers are very much keen to boot people who frequently lose their focus in the office.

Losing focus at work is most commonly caused by three things:

  • Procrastination
  • Distraction
  • Poor nutrition


Procrastination is like telling yourself that you can do things when you feel like doing it. The problem with procrastination is that you put things off most of the time, and your tasks pile up – which makes it much more of a bigger task to handle than it was. The things we put off are thought to be boring, time-consuming, difficult, or less important than the things we want to do. Nonetheless, these are things that we need to do regardless of how important or boring it is. Here are some tips to curb procrastination:

  • Set realistic deadlines for yourself
  • Pace yourself – don’t do too little (or too much) at any time to avoid boredom
  • Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’d feel once you’re done with the task
  • Let someone know that you’ll finish a task at a set date, so you can commit to a task verbally
  • Push yourself to initiate the task and set milestones for yourself


We’re all guilty of being distracted. One click on a viral Facebook post and before you know it, you’ve been browsing on Youtube, watching a compilation of Vines made by 13-year-olds. Distraction takes its toll on your work, now that browsing restrictions can no longer hold you back from checking your social media page. Here are some tips to help you get rid of distractions while at work:

  • Know that browsing leads to chain-clicking and it would be hard to stop
  • Disconnect your phone from Data and Wi-Fi
  • Use your distractions as rewards for tasks done
  • Pre-empt your distractions
  • Clean your office desk

Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition plays a big role about how you function at the office. More often than not, many people find it hard to concentrate at work because of their poor nutrition choices. Being unable to concentrate can be traced to poor brain function and brain fatigue. The food you eat gives your brain a bit of an edge to prevent it from getting tired and “cloudy” easily. Here are several tips to avoid poor nutrition that leads to concentration difficulties:

  • Eat whole grains
  • Eat nuts
  • Eat food with essential fatty acids (omega-3)

If you can’t commit to a diet that’s complete with these brain-gain foods, a better option is to take a supplement to help you focus at work. We found that the best omega-3 supplement on the market today is Optimal Omega. Omega-3 helps you with your brain process with its EPA and DHA content, which can be easily absorbed by your body in supplement form. You can also take Brain Gain, the best brain supplement on the market today. It contains Ginkgo Biloba, and a combination of herbs to help you maintain your optimal focus at work. Since it’s probably unhealthy to stick to a brain-gain diet, it’s best if you take supplements instead. This way you can still maintain your regular diet, and you still get the optimal nutrition for your brain.

Improving your focus when you work is extremely important. You simply cannot afford to miss a step at work. Personally, I think that allotting time and effort to fix your focus pays dividends not only in work, but also in life.

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