How to Start Bodyweight Training Today

by Glenn Larson

Have you made the decision to start building your body weight but don’t know how to go about it? or it’s the case that you have started at some point but you suddenly stopped and couldn’t find your flow again since then? Or it’s the case that you feel that you don’t have what it takes to bulk up and add abs to your body?

Whatever is your concern, contentions and agitation, take a quick break from your seat and go dump them in the trash can.

You can start your bodyweight training regardless of whatsoever. You only need your mind to say yes; don’t worry, your whole body will follow what your mind instructs.

Now that we are settled on your decision, let me congratulate you on your journey to build your body even as you read this piece right now. Enjoy the roller coaster!

To begin with, let’s quickly intimate you on what body weight training is all about.

Bodyweight Training; Succinctly Explained

What bodyweight training entails is not rocket science neither is it some science gibberish. Let’s not bore you with rhetoric but skip to the part where bodyweight training is explained. In a nutshell, bodyweight training entails exercising your body with your body. The point is you rely on your own bodyweight and strength to build muscles, resistance and stamina while also, burning fat in the process.

It’s a fundamental training technique that helps you to test the limit of your body by exploring your capabilities. When you start, you’d discover that there’s much more you can do with your body than just sitting down there wondering if you can even make an head start.

Furthermore, bodyweight training has a lot of benefits. Some of which include;

  • It can be done anywhere and at any time: you don’t have to sign up at a gym or keep some silly appointment before you can do something reasonable with your body.
  • You only need yourself to start. Nothing more.
  • In no time, you’d be building strength and stamina for your body.
  • You aren’t spending a dime on any equipment whatsoever. Guess that should count for something too.
  • It’s effective for burning fat and bulking up in no time.

How to start bodyweight training

You’ve been shown the benefits and I tell you, they are mind-blowing. Bodyweight training is engaging, rigorous, and real. Who says you can’t when tens of thousands of people who have one head like you and a pair of legs have signed up for the drill. You need to be man enough for this drill. Now to the drill.

  • Start with cardio

Cardio is a warm-up exercise which helps you to charge your heart and announce to your body that you’d be hitting it with something bigger than it. Trust me, you need your body adequately prepped up for this task. Cardio exercises are exercises like jogging, running, walking, cycling, swimming or any activity that makes your heartbeat increase. However, for your bodyweight training, start with jumping jacks.

When performing jumping jacks, you two hands are stretched upwards and your legs spread apart. Than as you jump you contract and expand your hands and legs simultaneously.

  • Perform push ups
fit man doing pushups

Push up is a callisthenic form of exercise that targets your to train your upper body, arms, backs, and legs. In short, it’s an all-encompassing exercise.

Perform pushups by lying straight on the floor in a plank position, with your legs firmly erect on the floor as you lie down vertically, push your body weight upwards with your hands pressing against the floor. Let your hands expand and contract while also moving your body in the rhythmic upward and downward position. Perform several sets of twenty until tired. Mind you, don’t strain your muscles. Rest when you feel tired. Exercises are only effective when done in smaller bits.

You can also perform various kind of pushups just to expedite your training.

  • Perform squats
How to Start Bodyweight Training Today

With your hands stretching outward against your chest and your legs firmly planted on the floor shoulder-width apart, move your upper body downwards until a squat is achieved. Alternate the upward and downward movement in a rhythmic fashion. Rest when tired.

  • Perform pull ups

Apart from pushups, you can also begin with pull-ups. It targets your whole body too with an adequate concentration on your hands. Look for an erect pole vertical pole where you can trust yourself upward above the pole while holding the pole and using your hands as a pivot. Hold upward then pull yourself upward. Go up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Stop when tired.

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