Is Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 Efficient?

by supplementrant

About the Product

Being a protein supplementation, Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 is also loaded with proteins and amino acids. But unlike most protein products out there, this one is in the form of capsule, which is way more convenient because there’s no worry over its taste or its capacity to be mixed well. Ingestion of capsule is obviously easier than preparing protein powders.

The question is – can it generate the same effects that are usually expected from a protein powder? In order to have an idea, let’s evaluate Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 further starting with its formulation.

What is Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 Made of?

preview-full-shutterstock_284982002The protein supplement apparently is made of proteins and amino acids. For a 4-capsule serving, it has 8 grams of protein in it. On the other hand, the segregated quantities of the components are not accessible.

First is the Whey Hydrolysat, which is the most advanced type of protein powder. It is also the kind of protein that can be digested for an instant energy increase with the most ease.

Second is Creatine Monohydrate, which boosts the size of the muscles and improves the user’s athletic functions.

Third is Glutamine, which adds to lean muscle mass. It is considered to be the most abundant amino acid in muscle mass.

Lastly are the BCAAs, which have leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids collaborate in order to decrease the disintegration of muscles after a vigorous training.

Researches on Amino Acids

In general, there have been multiple researches conducted to verify the efficiency of amino acids when it comes to muscle development.

In one study, it was reported that the participants experienced significant muscle protein fusion enhancement after intake of a drink containing six essential amino acids.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences associate professor Robert Coker also conducted a research in adults with obesity. In this study, he determined that essential amino acids, when added as part of a meal alternative, alongside whey protein, enhanced the fusion of muscle that resulted to a more significant fat reduction.

Furthermore, supplementation of amino acid led to better lean body mass, force, and physical capacities, as shown in another research.

Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 Cost

preview-full-shutterstock_520637818This particular supplement can be purchased from the official site of its manufacturer, which is the Inner Armour. The price there is $30. A pack of Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 has 90 servings, which means it’s good for 90 days. Nevertheless, the instructions mention that Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 has to be consumed before meals and after your workout, which means consumption is around 4 times each day. If this direction is followed, a pack of Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 won’t last a month.

Is Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 Effectual?

Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 is in capsule form, so that’s pretty expedient right there. As mentioned, there’s no need to worry about the product’s taste or mixability because you just have to ingest it like a normal capsule. As for its effectiveness, its potency isn’t compromised by its capsule form, so it’s just as good as the usual protein powders when it comes to efficacy. On the other hand, if your body requires more than 8 grams of protein in every serving, Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 isn’t for you. Overall, Inner Armour Blue Amino 10,000 is great for those who want to take protein supplementation hassle-free with quick results sans the calories.

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