Is Cleanse Colon 100 Worth It? 

by supplementrant
Is Cleanse Colon 100 Worth It? 

Before reviewing the product Cleanse Colon 100, let’s first discuss what a colon cleanse can do for you, and explain why you would even need or want one in the first place.

Gives you more energy through detoxification

By removing all of that unnecessary gunk in your colon your body can better digest your food and you can benefit more from what you are eating instead of getting backed up instead. When you feel lighter it is easier to be more active.

Helps with elimination and prevents constipation

Cleanse Colon 100 IngredientsWhen your colon is encrusted it is difficult for you to have full elimination ever and the problem will perpetuate itself. You may over the years begin to develop severe constipation. That is why it is important to cleanse once a year.

Quick starts weight loss programs

You will feel cleaner and healthier and want to live a more mindful lifestyle that is more active once you have all of these new found energy. If you want to keep the weight you lose from the cleanse off, you will need to stick to a program thereafter.

Cleans the colon

This is an obvious one, it cleanses the colon and makes sure that you will not get build up and cellular damage in the colon that can lead to cancer.

Removes toxins from the body

Once you have unblocked your colon, all of your toxins now have an open roadway to be eliminated through once again. Before it was difficult for your body to detoxify on a daily basis in a holistic way.

Important Product Info:

Colon CleanserHow much does it cost?

The Cleanse Colon 100 has a kind of bizzare payment plan. You can only buy it if you do a free 18-day trial first where you will pay under $5 and get a full sized bottle, not a trial sized bottle… as if you were going to borrow it then give it back. Then on the 18th day your credit or debit card will be charged $77.99 out of nowhere. Unless you somehow remembered to call ahead and prevent this from happening. Shady stuff, I’m telling ya, after that there seems to be no refund. How convenient.

What’s the stuff made of?

We have no idea the site isn’t much more informative than a blog post about the product. There does seem to be some mention of fiber, aloe, probiotics, and some of the other usual suspects. If there was good stuff in it wouldn’t the company want to shout it from the roof tops

Yay or Nay For Colon Cleanse 100?

Nay all the way for this product. There just isn’t enough information to get behind such a scammy product. The payment process alone is enough to make me say no way Jose.

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