Is That a Banana in Your Pocket? Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive and How

by Supplement Rant Staff
woman holding peeled banana, biting lower lip

Look, we’re going to talk about broccoli. “Why broccoli?” you ask? Because that bushy green is going to kick up your sex life more than a couple notches. There are lots of foods that we believe will get you in the mood, but what can will surprise you. Nature is full of things to get your blood pumping and have you ready for a good time. Not only is your sex life going to benefit, but the intake of nutritious fruits and vegetables will make your everyday more energetic and awesome. These super foods not only improve sexy time between you and your partner but increase the health of your body, trim your waistline, and keep your mental health in a good place. You’re going to feel better, look better, and perform better, and by adding these foods to your daily life, you may see your horizontal mambo amigo also feel ready for another dance lesson or two. So, start your grocery lists and plan the most sex-enhancing dinner of your life.

Fruits are well-known libido boosters in the scientific world and surprise… they’re a delicious, nutritious treat!

libido booster food, oyster, chocolate, berries, chiliBlack raspberries and their seeds are both great for increasing your libido. It is a phytochemical-filled fruit, meaning it increases both your endurance in the bedroom and your desire for it. The recommendation I have for you is 10 black raspberries or a tablespoon of seeds an hour of two before you get busy.  Figs are also going to have you feeling feisty. They are known to increase fertility and the production of pheromones. Not only are you going to be ready to go, but you are also going to be driving your lady crazy for it, too. Bring a bowl with you next time and enjoy about five figs and give some to your partner for an even more potent experience. Watermelons may seem like the least likely entry in this article, but recent studies show that although a watermelon is 92 percent water, the other 8 percent is chocked full of citrulline. It causes effects that resemble those caused by Viagra to the blood vessels and may aid in the increase of libido. It does this by causing the body to produce a substance called arginine, which causes an increase in nitric oxide. That then has a particular effect… you know the one. Try chowing down on a slice right before you get down to business next time. The power of fruits is overwhelming and so, so sweet.

Herbs are also great for increasing your appetite.

They can be used in countless recipes for added benefits to any meal. Ginger has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years, but in recent times we have found that other helpful and enjoyable benefits. It helps circulation, mucus detoxification (ew), and fighting off colds.  Most importantly, it’s believed to be good for revving your engines. And unlike some of our other foods, it’s also effective in many different forms, so you don’t have to eat it raw to gain its effects.  Saffron has been thought to improve sexual performance in both men and women but it is going to be the most expensive option on this list and needs the most preparation. You must spend 15 minutes soaking the herbs before using them in your food. Maybe make a nice romantic dinner involving saffron stew and see where that gets you. Cloves is probably the most versatile and sex-enhancing food on this list. It can be used in almost any way, in your cooking, drinks, and it also rids bad breath! But I am sure what you are all interested in is its other properties… it has been used for centuries to treat erectile disfunction in men and increases the sex drive.

Then we have vegetables. Hold your boos!

couple getting intimate on kitchen counter, vegetable on chopping boardThey’re not everyone’s favorite, but veggies have many health (and sexy) benefits. You may be surprised to discover this, but they’re usually served with your steaks. They’re very accessible! Broccoli is a good source of vitamin C which increases blood flow to external organs, which is always good for the bedroom. It’s great in any form, so cook some up for your next date night. Lettuce is another food you wouldn’t expect to get you going, but according to research it contains an opiate that increases sex drive by activating sex hormones in the body. Make yourself a salad for dinner and be in the mood by bed time.

Eggs! Rocky drank ‘em… you can at least eat one occasionally.

Eggs have been shown to alleviate erectile disfunction in men, in addition to other great benefits. They contain an amino acid called L-arginine, which has been seen to treat certain heart ailments. While not directly tied to the bedroom, it’s important to have a healthy ticker. They are also high in protein which will help with stamina. Try breakfast for dinner and reap the benefits throughout the night.

There are several fruits, vegetables, herbs (and don’t you dare forget about those eggs, buddy) that will give your libido a quick boost and level up your sex life. Between all of these, it seems almost impossible to go a meal without having something that is going to put a little Zing in your Ding™. The added boost to your everyday health is going to do you some good, as well. When you’re healthy, so is your sex drive. Taking care of your weight, heart, and mind are everyday goals you can complete to make the quality of your bedroom activities much better. Eat an egg and get busy!


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