Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Aflame with These 7 Ways

by supplementrant

The honeymoon stage in a relationship is the one you hold on to when the going gets tough. This is the period of utmost passion and exciting spontaneities. But since all good things pass, the honeymoon phase expires one way or another. Though it seems nearly impossible to regain the spark and the exhilaration, we can always salvage the connection and the thrilling chemistry that made the relationship possible in the first place. All that’s need to be done is putting on some efforts to get it back.

Flirt more often

As you’ve become settled with someone, you get too comfy that technology becomes a distraction. Don’t let this happen. Use technology to keep the spark by sending her flirty messages, slightly indecent photos and promises of what you’re going to do to her once she gets home. Make it as fun as possible and make it work.

Express what needs to be expressed

preview-full-shutterstock_499259476Valuing each other is the best way to express love. You can show that by kisses, embraces and the L-word. Sometimes it also depends on one’s character. Some are not as expressive as others and show affection through subtle details while others are vivid and conspicuous about it. You can also let her know the things she does that mean a great deal to you like seeing her pet her cat or hug her nieces – the tiny yet significant details that remind you of why you fell for her in the first place.

Make room for fun

The honeymoon phase is the two of you being playful at best. That’s a wonderful feeling, so why let it slip away? Don’t get effortless in the relationship. Think about how rare and special what you have is and if you don’t feel that way, it’s only because people tend to ignore what they already have when they should put on every effort to let it flourish instead. This being said, make it last by doing fun things together. For instance you can plan a quick getaway like visiting a new part of city together. If this goes well, it’ll remind you of how great she is to be with – the exact reason why the two of you hit it off in the beginning.

 Give each other space

Spending some time apart can be great for the relationship as it strengthens your identity as an individual. She needs this alone time for herself as well. Being in separate places once in awhile gives the two of you something to talk about that’s actually fresh. It’s ideal to have an alone time at least once every week.

Surprise her with spontaneity

preview-full-_main_sexdriveLeaving mini surprises from time to time is fun and thoughtful altogether. Since you already know the stuff she loves, you can use that knowledge to slip something into her bag when she goes to work. Imagine the smile on her face when she discovers there’s a brownie lurking in her bag. These random acts of thoughtfulness will rekindle the passion you’ve once shared.

Be nostalgic together

Sharing childhood memories together is a good way to bond. It makes you feel and realize how strangers you actually were before meeting and how she had a different life before she met you. This can make you feel that there’s more to her you’re just lucky enough to have the chance to further discover.

Don’t quit dating

Make sure you still allot some alone time with her. It can be as simple as watching a movie together to going to that place you used to hang out at during your initial dating period. The main purpose here is to catch up with whatever is going on with one another and learning more about her as an individual while she also discovers more about you as a man.

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