Life Extension Mix Review: Safety and Efficiency

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Life Extension Mix Review: Safety and Efficiency

At a glance

From the product’s name itself, Life Extension Mix is a multivitamin that promotes overall health by improving and prolonging the cells in your body. This then allows you to also live longer as all cells are healthy, hence there’s no need to produce more cells. Ultimately, your overall wellness improves because you develop faster metabolism, better immune system, and functional muscle fatigue recovery system.

How Life Extension Mix Functions?

This supplement functions by giving your cells every required nutrient to make the cells fully functional in a very healthy environment. For instance, the red blood cells of the blood will be given better hemoglobin crucial for the delivery of oxygen in the system. This then enables the plasma of the blood to transmit waste like urea to the kidneys, reducing toxic from your body. With all the cells functional and healthy, every organ of the body also becomes more efficient in doing their purposes.

What Are the Ingredients?

Ingredients of Life Extension Mix

The ingredients are mostly natural to make it safe and healthy as possible. These are green tea extracts, raspberry ketones, and citrus extracts. The combination of these ingredients delivers numerous vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, and K, as well as minerals.

Visibility of Results

Unlike other supplements, Life Extension Mix shows effectiveness by making your generally healthy for a very long time. One could say that it may take you forever to see the outcome, because, well, you can live long to see it. Because its primal goal is to prolong your health and life in general, you can base its efficiency on how you don’t get sick often. Otherwise, it’s not effective if you’re taking it and you’re sickly.


The ingredients in Life Extension Mix are natural

Any unsafe chemicals are not involved

Apart from being a health booster, it’s also a purifier

It’s unlikely to fail since the ingredients are recognized as effective


Heart Burn

The company behind this promotes the product as a replacement for nutritious food. This is unlikely since the human body functions more with real food and no capsule can ever replace that.

There are so many ingredients that there could be possible interactions, which could lead to negative reactions. This happens when several vitamins and minerals are consumed all at once.

It may be a scam since the product cannot be tested and visible outcome is unknown.

There are several other products available in the market, which have been proven effective.

Cautions and Warnings

This product is not appropriate for those below 18 years old. However, consumption can be acceptable if supervised. It is not recommended during the later stages of pregnancy, though it can be used before and after giving birth. Using simultaneously with other medications is not advised.

Cases of Side Effects

The use of Life Extension Mix has no known side effects thanks to its natural ingredients, which come from confirmed nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, and other herbs. Though there could be possible interaction due to multiple components in the formulation, which could bring out some side effects like bloating, heart burns, nausea, and hyper-acidity.

Clinical Proof

There have been clinical studies performed on Life Extension Mix. During this period, it was learned that Life Extension Mix can improve your general health by 15% in a span of 5 months. The researches were conducted by isolating the ingredients and testing them against control subjects. Control subjects appeared to have maintained their condition, whereas those who used Life Extension Mix had an improved immunity, lower toxicity in blood levels, and increased nutrition retention.

Proper Dosage and Price

Recommended dosage for Life Extension Mix is 14 tablets daily. You can opt to divide this into 7 tablets for two intakes, like what most users do. The high number of tablets you have to take daily appears to be a downside for many users and even prospective consumers. One package of Life Extension Mix has 315 tablets costing to an average of $60, which generally is pricey.

Consumer Feedbacks

Most users are satisfied with Life Extension Mix. As stated earlier, major downsides are the quantity of dosage and the cost, which appear to have discouraged prospective buyers.

Final Recommendation

Based on the aforementioned disadvantages, it would seem that using Life Extension Mix would also require more patience. Imagine taking 14 tablets a day now exactly knowing when this would take effect. If you’re not this kind of person, then Life Extension Mix wouldn’t make the cut and you’d have to find something else.

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