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If you’re like me who wants to find out the best product on the market before making a decision, then buying anything online is a long process that involves a lot of research and reading. In my latest attempt to find out the best male performance supplement, I came across a new brand, called Male Ultracore – a male performance brand that promises to improve sexual performance. Oddly enough, Male Ultracore doesn’t claim that it can improve penis size, which is perfect for me since I’m perfectly happy with my size now. What’s even more surprising is how many top review sites rank Male Ultracore as one of their top 1-3 products on the market.

I haven’t been away from the game for too long, and it’s quite surprising for me to discover new products this way. I made up my mind to review Male Ultracore for this website instead of getting a personal purchase. Claims such as Male Ultracore are common with brands that end up either scams or fakes, and if you’ve followed most of our reviews, we are deeply motivated in exposing fake products.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Male Ultracore. We will try to find out how it works, what to expect, and most importantly – if it really does work. I will personally test the product to give you my firsthand experience in dealing with Male Ultracore, but first, we’ll discuss the background and science behind Male Ultracore.

What is Male Ultracore?

Male Ultracore is a new brand in male performance supplements that promise to enhance sexual performance through libido enhancement, sexual stamina, and vasodilation. Based on what we found out about Male Ultracore, it does seem that it’s not a newcomer in the industry. The company behind Male Ultracore had been around for at least 5 years, and they have produced some of the best supplement products this industry has to offer.

Male Ultracore is unlike most male performance pills in the sense that it doesn’t claim to increase penis size. Rather, it offers a more realistic approach to male performance by tapping onto your basic, primal instincts to boost your sexual performance.

The concept behind Male Ultracore is something all of us are familiar with. 98% of men have experienced a mind-blowing sex that they regard as their best sexual experience. 95% of the time, these “best sex moments” are powered by a spike in testosterone that allowed you to perform beyond your usual capabilities, by engaging your instincts for sex. The idea is that men have always been equipped with the power to perform beyond their normal capabilities and that you only need the right blend of ingredients to bring you to perform at your best every single time.

I was deeply intrigued by the concept of Male Ultracore as it is a fresh take on libido and sexual performance, so I decided to give Male Ultracore a try. Here’s what I discovered:

Male Ultracore RESULTS

Before taking Male Ultracore, I first had to examine the contents of the pill. There are plenty of times in the past when we sent samples of the supplement to the lab for analysis, only to find out that 9 out of the 10 samples that we send out are filled with powdered sugar and just trace amounts of whatever ingredient they claim to have. I opted to do a preliminary test on the capsule itself to see if the ingredients are indeed lined up with what they have on the label.

I broke open a capsule, checked the contents, and based on my initial observations, it does seem like the contents are powdery, but the contents tasted nothing like powdered sugar. In fact, it tasted a bit metallic and bitter, which is a good sign. To validate my suspicion, I forwarded samples to the lab to be analyzed, and true enough, it did match the ingredient ratios on the label.

Next, I attempted to take Male Ultracore as a daily supplement. I took two capsules of Male Ultracore before breakfast, and I took it daily. At first, it was a bit underwhelming. I felt an increase in libido, but nothing that would stand out for the meantime. It is important to note that during the first week of taking Male Ultracore, I didn’t have sex, so I wasn’t able to tell if it really did work. I met my girl on the weekend of my second week of taking Male Ultracore. We were about to have sex when I felt a sudden urge to make sex more aggressive and passionate, which deviates from the usual thing I do during sex.

Prior to taking Male Ultracore, my girlfriend described my sexual performance as “vanilla”. She says that while she feels good having sex with me, given that I have an above-average size, my lack of passion and intensity makes it a little bland. After taking Male Ultracore, that “vanilla” turned into hot chocolate as I was being guided by instinct into performing at my best. It was intense, and it was deeply pleasurable.

What struck me most about my experience with Male Ultracore is how it increased my sensitivity to sexual stimulus. It’s almost like my senses are flooding me with pleasure. I was focused on sex, and I was also focused on providing pleasure for my partner. In the end, both of us were exhausted but completely satisfied with sex. She noticed the big change in my performance, and knowing my past experience with penis enlargement pills, she already knew that I was taking something new – and she asked me to keep taking it.

It’s been a long while since I had a memorable sexual moment. The last one was when my girlfriend saw my enlarged penis for the first time, but my first sexual experience with the power of Male Ultracore was completely beyond anything I’ve ever expected. It’s almost unreal.

I’m completely satisfied with Male Ultracore, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a permanent solution for their sexual health problems.

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