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Never Tried 69? Ask Yourself Why . . .

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What is it that you are scared of? Is it the awkwardness of positioning? Seeing or feeling something that might put you off? Because if you really think about this reasoning, it is actually quite stupid! The fear of the unknown will eat you up whole – if you let it.

This classic position is for everyone! Have a read of the following and then see if you feel like giving it a try – it could be the best thing you ever did . . .

Pleasure for the both of you

Untitled4The 69 is the ultimate foreplay position. Performing at this angle allows for you both to experience and give sexual pleasure at the same time.
Like ‘Ying and Yang’ you can fit together quite easily and pleasure each other at the same time. If you have never tried this position before then you sure as hell will want to as a result of taking enhancement supplements that will boost your sexual desires and consequently improve your sex life!

How can you go wrong with simultaneous enjoyment? Only a fool would say no to that!

Understanding signals to stimulate orgasm

If you are pleasuring each other at the same time, then you can feel when you are seriously pushing the other person’s buttons, there are several tell-tale signs and the synchronicity is mind blowing.

  1. Noises – moaning and sounds of sexual pleasure
  2. The way she responds and treats you – almost telepathic, (you will understand when she is being sensual).
  3. She may even stop what she is doing to you at her end to enjoy for a second!

If you have been taking daily supplements

Male enhancement pills can certainly improve your sex drive, stamina and orgasm quality. There are also plenty of other benefits that coincide with these crucial elements of life.

You may have noticed a difference in how many urges (and the strength of those) you endure throughout the average day. You may wish to spice up your sex life a little!

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Biggest fears when it comes to going ‘down under.’

It is truly amazing how many people hold back on their sex lives throughout their life due to ridiculous fears! Some may have heard horror stories from friends; others may have had a bad experience when they were first starting out and then been put off ever since – this is a very sad thing to consider when you could be having a whale of a time and enjoying life to the full!

Facing the negatives and turning them into positives

To avoid any nasty incidents when you are performing oral pleasure it is crucial that you are to keep yourself clean and remain hygienic.

The next is to look at the ideas that may prevent us from crossing over into a world of outstanding sex performance and face them head on. If you do not address a situation, how can it be overcome?

Examples of things that we are bothered by

What if one of us has gas?
It is not the end of the world and you shouldn’t let something like this put you off! We all have bodily functions and if it does happen it is simply a sign of being super relaxed. Simply: grow up and move on! We are adults around here!

What if we don’t like what we see?
Close your goddamn eyes! But seriously, if you do not like the look of your loved one’s area then you might want to take a rain check.

What if we don’t like the way it tastes or smells?
Get some flavoured lubricant, chew gum, incorporate saucy or creamy foods – be inventive! However, if you are not turned on by the distinct smell your partner gives off then perhaps you are not right for each other. Pheromones are what attract us to each other.


You may have concerns when it comes to adapting to the classic position of the 69, but let your worries or past experiences disappear! Just go with it and let nature flow. If you are taking enhancement pills, there is no doubt that you will forget all about these trivial issues and simply just go for it!

You may have concerns when it comes to adapting to the classic position of the 69, but let your worries or past experiences disappear! Just go with it and let nature flow. If you are taking enhancement pills, there is no doubt that you will forget all about these trivial issues and simply just go for it!

All of the ‘what if’s’ that you may come up with, of course, they are possibilities – but that is just it – POSS-IB-ILITIES! It is highly unlikely that any of these things are actually going to occur, so why risk having the best pleasure of our existences for the sake of something that might or might not happen?

Getting round to it

Just remember that it is never too late to try and there are many different angles in which this position can be performed. Each one is as effective as the other and there is no losing out on any situation.

Figuring what is comfortable for both of you

It may seem a little complicated at first; practically being upside down with each other (this doesn’t mean one of you needs to stand on your head!)

Realistically to begin with you are both lying down, right? Then one of you can climb on board and bring the situation into action! It really doesn’t matter which one of you mounts the other, just as long as you are careful to communicate what feels right.

Other options

You could both continue to lie down and simply turn on your side if this is a bit much for your first time – this way you both remain comfortable and therefore can get on without experiencing any unnecessary cramp! Just be aware that this is the lazy boy option and when you figure to build up the strength, sex does in fact, get you in shape more than any other exercise!


If you do not know, then GET TO KNOW!

69 is one of the most intimate lovemaking positions of all time that you are bypassing just because of never actually trying in the first place (or attempting more than once).

Like everything else, positions take practise! So do not give up at the first hurdle!

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