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Overlooked Benefits of a High Sex Drive

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Overlooked Benefits of a High Sex Drive
Written by supplementrant

Having a high libido does more than you think

We all know that having a high sex drive gets you less likely to flake out on your partner during sex, but did you know that having a high libido gets you more than just that? Having a strong libido triggers a chain reaction of physical and psychological benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

Many are under the impression that libido is just about sex, but it’s actually a sign of a physically, mentally, and sexually healthy body. Do you have a low sex drive? You might be missing out on these things. Here are some of the overlooked benefits of a high sex drive:

You burn more calories

Having a high libido makes you capable of having sex often, and when you have sex often, your body works more – thus, you burn more calories. It’s not just sex – all activities involving being aroused burns calories. According to studies, kissing burns 68 calories per hour, giving oral sex burns about 100 calories, making out burns an astounding 500 calories per hour (about the equivalent of an hour in the treadmill) and of course, sex burns around 600 calories.

All the activities surrounding sex and arousal burn a lot of calories. Anticipation and excitement turns up your body heat, and it gets your heart running – just like the effects of some fat-burning supplements like LipoGenix Elite. Also, being aroused lets you tune away all the thoughts about the efforts that you’re actually doing. Rolling around, carrying your partner, and simply shifting from one position to another requires some serious effort on your part, but your mind tunes it out when you’re deeply aroused, which is of course – a result of a high sex drive.

You build more muscle

Like what’s I mentioned earlier, having a high sex drive is more of a sign that you have a healthy body than it is a cause for you to be healthy. The male sex drive is controlled by Testosterone. As you know, testosterone is responsible for primary male characteristics – broad shoulders, facial hair, and of course – muscle mass development.

Men with high testosterone levels build muscle faster than men with lower testosterone levels. That’s why some bodybuilders try to gain an edge over their competition by injecting themselves with testosterone-boosting drugs. Although highly illegal, these anabolic steroids that increase testosterone levels do the job by exponentially speeding up muscle development. If you have a low sex drive caused by low testosterone levels, stay away from testosterone-boosting drugs and opt for the best male enhancement supplements like Libido Booster Extreme instead. Supplements don’t alter your body’s natural process; rather, it boosts your body’s natural capabilities to bring it back to its natural rhythm.

Reduced Stress

Healthy sex drive eliminates anxiety and reduces stress. An increased libido makes you more receptive to sexual stimulation and makes you more satisfied during sex. In addition, having a high sex drive enables you to be more willing to sexually satisfy your partner. As a result, you’re not just reducing your stress; you’re reducing your partner’s stress as well. This is due to the connection between testosterone and the neurotransmitter Dopamine.

Dopamine plays a role in many of your brain’s functions including movement, cognition, and the sense of pleasure and reward. Dopamine is also released when you’re stressed, but when and how it is released makes the difference between stress and the sense of pleasure and reward. When you are aroused, your mind pre-empts the reward, and you feel a sense of being high due to the amount of dopamine released by your body. This, as a result, reduces your overall stress.

Are you missing out on any of these? Men, in general, do not pay attention to their low sex drive. Some think of sex drive as something that’s up to chance – some days you have it, some days you don’t. While that is essentially true, your sex drive goes down as you age. The good news is you can do something about it. Boost your sex drive naturally with the best male enhancement pills like Libido Booster Extreme and Sexual Overdrive. It’s never too late to get your sex drive back to its natural rhythm.

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