A Product Review of Annex: How Harmless and Efficient is it?

by supplementrant

Annex Introduction

This nutritional supplement is a product that’s claimed to be particularly developed to augment one’s muscle performance. This is achieved by aiding you absorb protein at a more accelerated speed. Its manufacturer asserts that Annex is an excellent post-fitness routine product that enables the muscles to be more invigorated after being used for workouts.

What Does the Product Do?

Its manufacturer claims that Annex can promote quicker protein assimilation into the system, so that your muscles are provided with the essential nutrients required to develop and be further strengthened.

About the Company

This protein supplement is made by Complete Nutrition, a well-recognized company known for its various health products targeting the sports sector. Other items offered by the company are blender bottles and even T-shirts. The company also offers you to purchase single products and not only kits. Thus, customers are not limited to only acquiring product bundles. Furthermore, the product’s manufacturer gives a sponsorship to certain people per year.

How Does the Product Function Post-Workout?

preview-full-shutterstock_233876893Annex asserts to aid in the improvement of muscle functions and overall performance after your fitness routine by utilizing bio-available proteins present in the formula. Its complex digestive enzyme ProHydrolase, which also trademarked, aids in the assimilation of protein in the body 133 times faster than the standard pace. Furthermore, the amalgamation of protein is not only faster, it is also performed more effectively, benefiting your muscles.

The most excellent feature in this supplement is that its natural configuration of protein remains and its triple coated filter has a significant part in eliminating unnecessary and surplus lactose, minerals and fat from the body. The aforementioned elements cause interference in the protein levels in the body by having a concentration of it. Meanwhile, Annex, aids in sustaining the natural proportion of the various protein types in the body.

How the Components Vary from Similar Supplements?

In contrast with similar products, this supplement aids in transforming the muscles to become more fortified and strengthened. Aside from this, Annex, also makes sure that muscle damage due to tearing is avoided. Furthermore, some other components present in the product’s formula is said to also aid in boosting your immunity, too. What’s more is that Annex also asserts that the rate of muscle development with this supplement is 133 times quicker than similar products.

What are the Components in Annex?

Protein: The most essential component for the muscles is the protein. Suitable quantity of protein can lead for healthier and stronger muscles. Muscle growth is also achieved at a faster pace. People who undergo rigorous fitness regimens are required to consume adequate quantity of protein after their intense fitness session.

ProHydrolase: This potent component in the supplement is crucial in the assimilation of protein in the body, so they’re converted into di & tri peptides. This disintegration aids in growing more muscles at its optimal potential.

BCAAs and Glutamine: These two components aid in the recuperation of your muscles after finishing your workout session. For one, glutamine is highly crucial to avoid catabolism of the muscles. This means that muscles experience needless disintegration in the body and the process is called catabolism. It also serves a vital part in promoting muscle anabolism. Anabolism here signifies muscle enlargement. Finally, glutamine is useful in boosting your immunity and augmenting your glycogen storage.

Annex Product Features

preview-full-exercise (3)Annex is useful in terms of muscle enlargement and in the avoidance of muscle damage due to tearing after undergoing an intense and rigorous workout session, protecting your muscles from further damage.

With one of its potent component Prohydrolase, the supplement provides a much more accelerated pace of 133 times faster than similar products in terms of muscle growth.

The product’s official site contains sufficient information and other elaborate details about Annex’s nutritional content. Other helpful information can also be found on various sites.

The product’s website is decent and completely useful, especially among prospective customers who are looking to get more enlightened about Annex.

Annex is available in local retailers/resellers/store, so it shouldn’t be so hard to find. This serves a great deal of convenience among users.

It is developed and manufactured by a familiar company that’s well-recognized in the sports and supplements industry.

This supplement is available in various flavors, so consumers various tastes to choose from.

Does this Product Have Adverse Effects?

Many nutritional supplements tend to have some not-so-pleasant physical manifestations. These side effects include:

Obtaining extra calories and fat with the consumption of more protein, that’s why the right proportion of components, especially proteins, has to be observed.

Excess protein can also potentially be harmful for the kidneys.

This can even lead to being dehydrated.

Where to Purchase Annex?

Annex can be acquired from local retailers/stores. For your convenience, you can also make the order directly from its product site or other sites selling different kinds of supplements. This way, you can purchase Annex from the comforts of your home. All you need to do is wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep.

Are there Promotional Discounts and Refund?

Annex is conveniently accessible on numerous websites selling supplements, though these can be atypical as well. The cost of the supplement on its official site is $65.99.

Bottom Line: Is Annex Safe and Effective?

All things considered, Annex appears to be a suitable protein supplement especially if you’re active in the gym. Protein is truly an essential after workouts since this paves the way for muscle recovery and restoration. It is also a fact the too much protein can also cause medical issues, that’s why the quantity of protein consumed must be just the right amount only. In the case of Annex, the product seems to be made of components that are proven harmless, so the supplement is worth the shot. Just remember to see your doctor or physical trainer to ask for advice/recommendation before starting to have it.


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