A Product Review of Cellusyn Neuro-HD

by supplementrant

Cellusyn Neuro-HD Overview

preview-full-shutterstock_424204705This specific supplement, Cellusyn Neuro-HD, is a dietary product that touts to deliver brain support by increasing brain capacities, augmenting recall and concentration, and decreasing stress and anxiety. Also, Neuro-HD is said to intensify your watchfulness and energy, support overall brain wellness, heighten mental sharpness, and enhance your life in general by getting you to achieve more tasks with proficiency.

Choosing which supplement can do well for you is no easy task, also considering the actuality that none of these supplements are even controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that companies can basically say anything they want to say about their products, make over-the-top claims, even without a shred of scientific proof. Given this, can we expect something good from Cellusyn Neuro-HD? Or is it just one of the many supplements that are founded on claims but no actual results? Read on to find out.

Understanding How It Function

Based on the information on the product site, reduced brain capacities can show as a result of age, sleep deprivation, and toxins from the environment. This can lead to the demise of brain cells. But Neuro-HD touts to be a clinically tested formula to fight these symptoms by boosting Acetylcholine production, increasing blood flow to the brain, enhancing your mood and combating stress. Consequentially, Neuro-HD is said to enhance recall, concentration and focus, while augmenting watchfulness and overall frame of mind.

To obtain this, the supplement is touted to avoid decreased brain capacities with the use of natural and clinically proven components. This includes:

Vitamin B6 15mg

Vitamin B12 20mcg

AlphaSize Alpha GPC 200mg

L-Tyrosine 200mg

SerinAid 200mg

L-Theanine 100mg

Bacopin 100mg

Resveratrol 50mg

Choline Bitartrate 25mg

DMAE Bitartrate 25mg

Inositol 25mg

Huperzine A 5mg

Vinpocetine 5mg

Boron 3mg

For those 18 years old and older, Neuro-HD’s company said it’s ideal to take two capsules with 8 oz of water around 30 minutes before eating your breakfast and/or lunch. You can also opt to take 2 capsules before undertaking any strong mental activity, just as long as you don’t go over 4 capsules within a 24-hour period.

The supplement is said to be harmless and free from any adverse reactions. However, it is suggested that you don’t take it near bedtime, or else you’ll find it very hard to fall asleep.

Neuro-HD Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Every bottle of the supplement has 60 capsules good for 30 serving. If you make a direct order from the company, the costs are below:

1 Bottle: $39.95, plus $4.95 S&H

2 Bottles: $69.95, plus $5.95 S&H

3 Bottles: $99.95, plus free S&H

Remember that Neuro-HD is also accessible via multiple affiliate sites; hence the costing can be different. You could even buy additional bottles of the product for the same cost as it is via Neuro-HD’s company. Plus, the product is also offered for purchase via many third—party resellers, such as Amazon.com.

As for its refund policy, there’s no information provided on Cellusyn’s official site. We called customer support and were told that the supplement has a 90-day refund policy, less shipping and handling. But this is only applicable to only one opened bottle. Others must be unopened in order to be qualified for a refund. The refund protocols differ depending on the store.

If you got your Neuro-HD directly from the company, you can request for a refund by calling the customer support at 866-478-7240.

Can We Trust Neuro-HD to Deliver Mental Benefits?

With all the information above taken into consideration, can this particular supplement act like a reliable brain supplement as it launches itself to be? Think of the following factors:

Clinical Evidence

As we’ve said earlier, brain pills or nootropic supplements in general do not have sufficient clinical proof as to their efficacy, though some of the components have the potential to generate positive effects on the brain. One example is the L-Tyrosine, which has been shown to increase mental alertness and focus even after being deprived from sleep. Choline also shows promise as it has been demonstrated to be helpful for particular brain illnesses and DMAE could also help enhance the function of the red blood cells.

Beyond this, some of the components in Neuro-HD could also be helpful in enhancing the cognition among people suffering from Alzheimer’s, but not among healthy ones. But aside from Huperzine A, which is the active component in the prescription drug Cebria, none of the other components have been convincingly demonstrated to help enhance memory or develop cognition.

What Users Have to Say?

Even though the company site has been online since May 2013, it seems to be a new supplement since there aren’t any consumer feedbacks available online. Thus, there weren’t any reviews that can be used to measure the product’s total satisfaction levels. Cellusyn Labs is also not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

In general, some of the most usual criticisms related to nootropic supplements are ineffectiveness, stomach discomfort, skin rashes and redness and its steep cost.

Other Things about Neuro-HD

preview-full-shutterstock_517980100Lastly, when buying any dietary product, it is crucial that you’re aware of where it is produced and whether it has undergone a third-party study and trial for testing its safety and efficiency or not. Unfortunately, none of this information is available in the supplement’s site. We then called the customer support and were told that Neuro-HD is generated in a GMP-sanctioned facility, but the customer representative we spoke with was uncertain if the supplement had gone through third-party studies and trials.

Final Recommendation: Should You Try Neuro-HD?

As mentioned earlier, the clinical proof that Neuro-HD works is weak and lacking. You cannot be certainly assured that you will experience positive mental results from using Neuro-HD. That’s why it’s better for you to consult your doctor and ask for other methods of enhancing your mental health and increasing your cognition.


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