A Product Review of IsaLean Shake

by supplementrant

IsaLean Shake Introduction

b69113e292e68915_mango-kiwi-smoothie-previewIn order to encourage weight loss, one must cut down his/her consumption of calories each day. This is only basic formula for losing weight. However, there’s a downside to it, which is the eventual loss of nutrition the longer you limit your calories. For this exact reason, there’s now a solution called a meal replacement shake. This product is designed to deliver all essential nutrients, but with the main purpose of trimming down your caloric intake.

Because of the usefulness of this product to dieters, there are now so many of them in the market. Choosing can be confusing for many. This review will evaluate one of the meal replacement shakes in the market, the IsaLean Shake. This is also one of the most costly meal replacement shakes out there, so before thinking of trying this out, read on first to get to know this product further.

IsaLean Shake General Function

Marketed as a meal replacement shake sufficient to replace your regular meals, this blends low-glycemic carbohydrates with undenatured proteins and healthy fats to decrease the quantity of calories. This way, people can shed pounds the healthier method.
The company that developed IsaLean Shake states that this product consists of a premium Myo-IsaLean Complex™ protein, which promotes weight loss and the development of muscle mass. This product also helps users repress their appetite to avoid unnecessary or binge eating. Available in vanilla and chocolate, IsaLean, as mentioned, is somehow costly, the more reason to continue reading this review should you decide to purchase this product.

What IsaLean Shake Claims?

IsaLean Shake promises to support weight loss by offering essential nutrients that the body needs daily while limiting the intake of calories. This also supplies the needed protein and fat that encourage growth of muscles. Additionally, IsaLean Shake can aid in the manipulation of your desire for food, enabling you to lengthen your feeling of fullness without feeling tired.

Getting to Know the Manufacturer

5-ways-to-make-homemade-meal-replacement-shakes-for-weight-loss-1-950x630IsaLean Shake is developed by the multi-level marketing company called Isagenix. Being an MLM, its products like the IsaLean Shake are sold through a system of distributors. These distributors have to create a downline on their own in order to earn themselves. This company generates product lines that composes of cleansing, nutrition and skin care. On the other hand, several individuals have criticized the product for its expensiveness. This is due to the fact that being a multi-level marketing company; the business structure is all about getting people to join the network in order to earn promising commission from sales of products. Also, if you’re one of the distributors, you get IsaLean Shake in a much lesser price.
It is also important to note that IsaLean Shake has received an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau. Although MLM companies are thought to be scams, IsaLean Shake is definitely one of the fake ones because their products are genuine.

What’s the Nutritional Content?

Basically IsaLean Shake is composed of great nutritional components to support the body’s daily needs for vitamins and minerals. The two most crucial components in IsaLean Shake are protein, which consists of 24 grams, and fiber, which contains 8 grams. As for sugar, there’s 11 grams per serving. Combined together, this gives you a total of 240 calories for every serving. This is a realistic number for those who are keen in encouraging weight loss.

Promoting Weight Loss

Because it is designed as a meal replacement shake, it is used as a substitute for your everyday meals. This means you can opt out breakfast and lunch in place of IsaLean Shake. You can also choose to eat lunch instead and replace dinner with IsaLean Shake. It’s up to you what meal you want replaced with IsaLean Shake.

Medical Research on the Product

There is a study performed on IsaLean Shake. This was published by Kroeger and the complete research can be found online. Though there are some who doubt the credibility of the research, the thing is that there’s a research available for further scrutiny.

Has IsaLean Shake Been Approved by FDA?

As of now we have not come across information indicating that there was an FDA Approval for IsaLean Shake. On the other hand, this meal replacement shake is from a multi-level marketing company, thus, it does not really require sanction from FDA.

IsaLean Shake’s Price and Refund Policies

For a bottle with 14 servings of IsaLean Shake, the price of the product is $52. This can change if you are part of the product’s network. With this price, it’s like you’re spending $4 per shake, which is more expensive compared to other products. As for the refunds, it seems unlikely because of the structure of the company where products are sold through distributors. You might get a refund if the distributor you bought it from chose to give you your money back.

What are the Strengths?

The caloric content is comparatively low
Users can repress their appetite
Encourages muscular enlargement
Gives customers the chance to earn money through commissions

What are the Weaknesses?

IsaLean Shake is offered in the absence of guarantees
This is more costly than other similar shakes
The caloric content is a bit higher compared to other shakes

Side Effects Users Need to Know About

Thus far there are no negative reactions reported associated with the use of IsaLean Shake.

IsaLean Shake Cost and Availability

If you want to first try IsaLean Shake, you can purchase one bottle from Amazon for a price of $43.81. This includes the shipping fee. But if you want to consistently use the product, the only way for you to get reduced price is through joining the company’s network of distributors.

Customer Feedbacks

On Amazon, there are 84 customer testimonials for IsaLean Shake. More than half of these reviews (46) rated IsaLean Shake 5 stars. Even some users think that the product is the best meal replacement shake they have ever tried. The only downside expressed by the customers is IsaLean Shake’s high price.

IsaLean Shake Final Verdict

As mentioned, IsaLean Shake’s high cost is an issue to many, but if you well can afford it, then the product is worth the try, safety and effectiveness-wise. If you want to get back the investment spent on IsaLean Shake, you have the opportunity to join the company’s network of distributors to earn profits.

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