Progentra Review: The Most Advanced Male Enhancement Supplement on the Market

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Progentra is a new product that is the result latest developments in scientific research, which was done to provide users with the best product possible. This review will be an in-depth examination of this new supplement in an ever increasing competitive and diverse industry. We will give you the breakdown of this product so you can determine whether or not it is the right choice for you.

What is Progentra?

When it comes to male enhancement supplements, it is difficult if not impossible to keep up with all of the new products that are continually released by thousands of

various companies and manufacturers. It really doesn’t as a surprise to find out that many people are unfamiliar with these products and are exhausted trying to determine on their own which product ultimately is the best for them.

Progentra claims that it is clinically tested, increases penile tissue by 44% and will both increase size and girth. These are obviously all things we want to look for in a male enhancement supplement however many products claim to do this and are simply not effective.

The difference between Progentra and many other products out on the market is that it is backed up with a 100% money back guarantee, which should give you some solace in how effective it is compared to other products on the market.

 How Does Progentra Work?

The key behind any male enhancement supplement is facilitating blood flow to the penis, which helps the user get and maintain their erections. This increased blood flow not only does that, but is also the reasoning behind why many of these supplements can back up their claims that it increases penis volume as well.

Progentra facilitates this blood flow through the blood vessels to the penis by natural means. Progentra helps the body produce more of a chemical called nitric oxide, which is used for cell signaling. This nitric oxide is used by the body to open up or dilate our blood vessels in these areas to get a bigger, harder erection.

Progentra not only contains these essential ingredients when it comes to increasing blood flow to these important areas, but also improves the libido and stamina of the individual as well. It helps to naturally boost free testosterone in the body, which will keep you looking and feeling good.

Progentra Ingredients

When you want to determine whether or not a supplement is something you should take, the most important factor is going to be the quality of the ingredients.

You want to make sure that your supplement doesn’t only have the right ingredients you are looking for, but high quality ingredients that are going to give the supplement the most potency. This will ensure that you get the best results possible.

Progentra not only contains the ingredients you should look for in your male enhancement supplement, but contains ingredients that come from quality sources. The manufactures of this supplement didn’t take any short cuts in doing so, and thus have produced a potent supplement with multiple activators specifically formulated to give the user the best experience possible.

L-Arginine – this powerful amino acid is the first ingredient you want to look for in your male enhancement supplement, as it has been shown to help increase nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide production means more blood flow to the penis, and a bigger erection.

Tongkat Ali – If your problem is premature ejaculation or just not being able to hold an erection for as long as you’d like, Tongkat Ali is the ingredient you should be looking for. Clinical studies have shown that this powerful herb can make men last twice as long in bed as those that didn’t take Tongkat Ali. Progentra provides 400mg of this potent herb, ensuring that you will never finish too quickly.

Maca Root Extract –This plant based extract has been shown to increase levels of testosterone in users, which really helps to increase sexual drive and libido. Low levels of testosterone have been linked to low energy levels and other negative health issues as well, making this ingredient a must have in any male enhancement supplement.


Progentra is the best male enhancement we’ve reviewed, and we have looked at more than 100 male enhancement supplements over the years. Progentra is a supplement that has impressed us and continues to do so because of the high quality, potent ingredients found in its formulation; which comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Simply put, other supplements on the market just cannot compete with Progentra, and voting them as the best supplement on the market was a relatively easy choice.

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