Prosta-Max Review: Are the claims true?

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Prosta-Max Review: Are the claims true?

Prosta-Max Outline

Prosta-Max is said to be a gluten-free, kosher, and vegan supplement created to manage the health and function of the prostate gland. Country Life is the maker and it has been in the supplement industry for more than 35 years.

It claims that their blend protects men against BPH and its accompanying symptoms like frequent urination as well as an inability to entirely void the bladder. These conditions are experienced by well more than 50% of gentlemen age 50 and above.

The Prosta-Max formulation includes many botanical properties and vitamins documented for supporting prostate health support. Country Life states that theirs is the absolute leader in prostate health support found anywhere in the marketplace.

Prosta-Max Ingredients and Actions


Stinging Nettle has been an addition in prostate support formulas for several years now. It is reported as health beneficial by the medical and scientific communities. It has shown evidence of being effective to combat prostate enlargement and defend against other disorders as well.

The bark of an African cherry tree provides properties referred to as Pygeum Africanum. It is grouped into compounds known as phytosterols. These components can cut cancer risks by preventing prostatic malignancies from forming and inciting anti-proliferative actions in mutant cells.

Saw palmetto berries are also a popular component of supplements design to protect prostate health. The fruit from this plant stabilizes hormone levels of the gland to cut back on the chances of cell malignancy development. Saw Palmetto enhances the flow of urine and lessens prostate enlargement.

Copper has been proven to possess its own curative capacities to reduce tumors growth and actually avert carcinogenesis. A recent research study recently revealed that malignant cells digest any copper in the surrounding environment. This paves a pathway for new pharmaceuticals to eliminate those cells and utilize the copper fuel.

The package instructs users to take all six capsules in the one a day packet every day.

Prosta-Max Advantages and Disadvantages


Prosta-Max Advantages

Prosta-Max does not include any ingredients that is not natural plant derivatives.

Many excellent user experiences are readily accessible on the internet.

This is a very cost effective prostate protective supplement.

All of these vitamins, herbs, and minerals have been confirmed for efficacy by the science realm.

Prosta-Max Disadvantages

The exact blend in Prosta-Max has never been tested.

The precise amount of each ingredient is not readily available to consumers.

All 100% of the components in this Country Life formula complies with Prop 65 as set forth by the state of California.

There does not appear to be a refund for unhappy customers.

Order Spot

Many websites which offer supplements carry this product and it is around $30 for a bottle of 200 capsules. This is enough for approximately 3 ½ months. To order it directly consumers may visit the Country Life company website.

End Vote

This complete formula has not been tried, but it contains many prostate health beneficial ingredients. There does not seem to be a money back guarantee; however, it may be worth a try since it is one of the least expensive options on the market.

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