Prosvent Review: Should I get it?

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Prosvent Review: Should I get it?

Prosvent Outline

Studies have shown that almost 80% of the male population over age 60 faces prostate issues. In total, estimates show that 30 million men are dealing with an enlarged prostate and the number increases daily.Prosvent was created to address this catastrophe which includes BPH, prostatic cancers, and acute prostatitis as well as symptoms thereof. The supplement and company name are the same. Both are guided by the hand of Dr. Lawrence May, a Harvard Medical School graduate.The manufacturer claims that this blend of properties can protect and promote the health of the prostate as well as rectify actual disorders of it. They also say that there is no other more powerful than Prosvent.

Prosvent Ingredients and Actions

Prosvent Review: Should I get it?

Beta-Sitosterol is categorized as a member of phytosterols that are derived from plants. It has demonstrated the ability to increase sexual desire and shrink enlargement of the prostate.Saw Palmetto is extracted from a palm tree and also has the capacity to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate. It is used in the prevention of a hormone associated type of prostate carcinoma.Stinging Nettle has been used to support the health of men and reduce prostate size for centuries. All of the mechanisms are not yet understood; however, it performs this action through five separate properties.    Pygeum Africanum offers potent phytosterols that cause an anti-proliferative action on cancer cells within the prostate and can bring relief from urination difficulties.Pumpkin Seed oil has been undergoing several studies recently. One conducted in Hungary revealed that it can decrease an enlarged prostate down to 1/3 of its original size and inhibits the dihydrotestosterone conversion there protecting the prostate against further enlargement.Vitamin D is thought to tame aggressiveness in prostate cancer cells and arrest tumorigenesis.Lycopene is a powerful and potent anti-oxidant that can reduce oxidative stress and inhibit the growth of prostate carcinoma.Zinc plays a major role in maintaining prostate health, especially in those diagnosed with prostatic disease.  Prosvent directs consumers to swallow 1 capsule twice daily.

Prosvent Advantages and Disadvantages

Prosvent Review: Should I get it?

Prosvent Advantages

Every component has been scientifically examined individually.

The design team is led by a doctor who is a Harvard alumnus.

The feedback for this product is positive overall.

There is a 30-day money back refund for those unsatisfied.

Prosvent Disadvantages

There are no scientific studies of the end product.

Some of the reviews are negative.

There is a 30-day limit to the refund.

The cost is rather high for this type of supplement.

Order Spot

Consumers have a number of websites to choose from to purchase Prosvent including the Prosvent and Amazon sites. The price is around $60 for 60capsules which should last for one month.

End Vote

This purchase does not seem like a wise choice. There are studies on individual properties, but not on the formula itself. While there I positive feedback, there are also many complaints and most of these concern the company’s customer service. They offer a money a monetary reimbursement; however, there is a short time frame. In light of this it seems that dissatisfied consumers would be out a pretty penny.

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