Review and Assessment of TaiSlim

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Review and Assessment of TaiSlim

Getting to Know TaiSlim

TaiSlim is designed and produced by the company FreeLife International. It is being marketed as the ultimate loss program, a food replacement regimen that lessens the calories in the body to help achieve weight loss. The product’s site has before and after photographs from very pleased customers. Furthermore, a double blind research conducted randomly showed that the group taking TaiSlim lost 6% of their bodyweight. This is significantly higher compared to the group that did not. Both groups engaged in exercise and low-calorie diets. TaiSlim comes in many forms – liquid, shake, booster, and skinny. Skinny is a sugar-free chewable.

Getting to Know the Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, TaiSlim’s effectiveness is being attributed to the following components: CCK, Lipitol Ultra, Appitol Plus, NuFlora, and GoChi Juice.

How TaiSlim Basically Functions?

GoChi Huice

First, there’s the GoChi Juice which is credited for the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, which is what makes it challenging to shed weight on the abdominal section. With GoChi Juice, it’s easier to lose weight on the said area. Nu-Flora enables healthy flora in the colon, eradicates harmful toxins from the body, and regularizes the bowel movements. The result is much greater digestive system. Lipitol Ultra, meanwhile, eliminates fats by burning it. The more you exercise as well, the more fats will be burned. Appitol Plus manipulates or controls your appetite so you don’t get those unnecessary calories. Lastly is the CCK which is the substance that is responsible for delivering a signal to your brain to signify your satisfaction. Furthermore, TaiSlim costs $2.50 a meal, so it’s kind of expensive to be regularly taken in the long run. Each piece consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. This weight loss product can be acquired directly from

TaiSlim – Strengths

This product comprises of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

It can absorb nutrients from food more efficiently because it also delivers a healthier colon and digestive system.

An affiliate system is available, which allows you to get exciting discounts and even prizes like a holiday.

TaiSlim – Weaknesses

Weight Loss Solution

Ordering TaiSlim is a hassle as the personal ID 123456 is required on the official website before you can continue. Another option is too order from a Marketing Executive.

According to the company, each meal amounts to 18,000 worth of calories from real food, but it wasn’t clarified if this is per day or per meal.

Though there’s a refund 60 days from date of purchase, you still have to cover the shipping cost if you ask for a replacement.

Final Recommendation on TaiSlim

It is great that TaiSlim is a supplement that offers nutrition of premier quality. There’s also the excitement of being in an affiliate program, which earns you the chance for discounts, profits, and prizes. The concern on TaiSlim is its cost. The price per meal is fine, but having to maintain this for long periods of time makes it expensive. Another issue is that it wasn’t clearly indicated on the site how long it would take to see the positive effects of TaiSlim.

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