A Review of Neuroxium: Is this Safe and Effective?

by supplementrant

Neuroxium: General Idea

preview-full-Synapsyl-brain-drawingThis nutritional supplement that’s formulated for improving brain performance and health tout to be safe and effective. It is said to be founded on the basis of years of significant research to find the solution for undoing periods of memory deterioration, tripling memory recall pace, and improving overall quality of life. It is said that these effects can be achieved regardless of age.

As a matter of fact, by reworking old brain cells and instantly giving you a brand new sense of watchfulness, making you sharper and smarter, Neuroxium is purported to be a supplement that is considered a miracle for its memory-increasing capacity. This leads to making your brain many years younger. For these reasons, it is said that Neuroxium has been voted the Number 1 brain boosting product in the United States.

These aforementioned benefits are attained with the help of the components below:

Ginkgo biloba
DMAE Bitartate
St John’s Wort
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Green Tea Extract

If you’ve gone through Neuroxium’s site, then you’ve surely come across its grand promises about the product’s amazing capabilities. If you’re a bit doubtful as to the veracity of these claims, that’s normal. Almost all companies in the nutritional supplement industry resorts to exaggerated claims to attract attention. As for Neuroxium, is this supplement really safe and effective? Or is it just one of those fake products sold by unreliable companies? Think of the following considerations:

Is there Clinical Evidence?

On the product website, there is a feature graphic saying that Neuroxium was demonstrated to boost working memory, long-term memory, and processing speed. It even touts to deliver significant results from Day 1.

As for these numbers on the graphic, it was not indicated where these data came from. It was not also specified how these numbers were tabulated in the first place, such as through clinical studies or user surveys. Plus, there was no reference given, either.

With this, we think that this is either overstated or just totally made up to fool prospective consumers.

The Efficiency of the Components in Neuroxium

There are components in Neuroxium’s formula that have been demonstrated via clinical studies to show potential as far as brain health is concerned. For instance, ginkgo biloba has been demonstrated to somehow enhance mental capacity in adults and moderately address the symptoms of dementia. Phosphatidylserine may be efficient for curing symptoms of mental deterioration that’s caused by aging and Alzheimer’s. Likewise, vinpocetine has the potential to a bit boost the thinking capacities of people with Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, bacopin shows promise in boosting memory, but the clinical study on this has only been conducted on particular bacopin extracts like KeenMind and BacoMind.

On the other hand, the scientific proof demonstrating that DMAE Bitartate, St John’s Wort, alpha lipoic acid, or green tea extract can generate any positive results touted by the company is weak and lacking.

Plus, the product label for Neuroxium is not posted on the website. Hence, we cannot know the precise quantity of every component contained in Neuroxium or whether they are sufficient to make a notable difference.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

In general, nearly all of the components in Neuroxium should be fine for the consumers to take. The most usual adverse manifestation is stomach discomfort.

Also bear in mind that green tea has mild caffeine levels. Thus, it could lead to restlessness or sleeping problems.

What Advertising Schemes Does the Company Employ?

preview-full-shutterstock_470584415Lastly, since there’s no adequate scientific proof as the components’ efficacy, the company turns to unpleasant advertising ploys to attract people’s attention and manipulating customers to make an emotional decision rather than an informed, conscious one.

For instance, they give you the impression that their product is such a hit among customers that they’re having troubles keeping up with the high demands. But we know better and we believe this is not the case.

Another strategy frequently used by companies to make the impression that their product is really effective is to make up claims about such products getting featured in the media, like on shows and magazines. But in the case of Neuroxium, we didn’t find any third-party confirmation suggesting that the claims are true. If Neuroxium were indeed featured on a publication of wherever, we would find something online that could back this up. But we didn’t find anything. It’s a strong sign that such claims are just made-up.

The Absence of Customer Reviews

As of this writing, Neuroxium was relatively a new supplement. That is why we didn’t find any consumer feedbacks online.

What we did find were only so-called reviews that are actually made by affiliates. These are particularly created, so that they appear legit. But they’re just some sort of marketing materials and not real customer feedbacks.

Plus, we didn’t find any information about the company on Neuroxium’s site. For obvious reasons, this is a red flag you should be cautious about when choosing which supplements to purchase.

Neuroxium Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This particular supplement is offered in these selections:

1 Bottle: $89
3 Bottles: $159
5 Bottles: $199

Based on the information on Neuroxium’s Terms & Conditions, items are not allowed for returns unless there’s something wrong with them.

In any case, since there are no contact details available on the site, it’s ambiguous how you would try to request for a refund in the first place.

Can Neuroxium Enhance Brain Performance?

To be direct about it, most nootropic supplements or cognitive enhancers are formulated with components that don’t have sufficient scientific proof in terms of their effectiveness. The companies usually overstate their capacities to attract customers when the effects, in reality, are in their slightest or even none at all.

Plus, Neuroxium’s company engages in unpleasant advertising schemes, which says a great deal about the company’s reputation. The supplement is also quite expensive, there’s no product label on the site and there’s not even contact information provided.

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