Reviewing Deer Antler Velvet

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Reviewing Deer Antler Velvet

Product Introduction

Deer Antler Velvet is a dietary supplement that has been made used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3 centuries as a potent remedy for several health issues. Essentially, Deer Antler Velvet is said to develop energy and stamina, heighten levels of testosterone, and bring back one’s libido. Interestingly, Deer Antler Velvet is a prohibited substance in some part of the athletic world.

To know more about Deer Antler Velvet, resume your reading and be further enlightened.

What’s Deer Antler Velvet For?

There are many men who believe in the effectiveness of Deer Antler Velvet. There are multiple gains that can be attained with the use of this supplement, such as speeding up the time for recovery when sick, augmented levels of testosterone, improved immunity, and increased stamina and vigor.

Deer Antler Velvet is also being claimed to facilitate muscle enlargement. It even supports the process of weight loss and encourages the rise of red blood cell count.

Furthermore, Deer Antler Velvet can aid in treating the following maladies:

high cholesterol                    high blood pressure

migraines                               osteoporosis

muscle aches and pains        headache

asthma                                    liver and kidney disorders

indigestion                             cold hands and feet

erectile dysfunction              arthritis

chronic skin ulcers                mental retardation

PMS                                         anemia

What Does Deer Antler Velvet Exactly Do?

Apparently, there are several gains that are attributed in the use of this supplement. Basically, it consists of important development factors, including:


EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor

FGF – Fibroblast Growth Factor

NGF – Neurotrophin Growth Factor

IGF-1 and IGF-2 – Insulin-like Growth Factors 1 and 2

TGF-A and TGF-B – Transforming Growth Factors A and B

The Issue on Ray Lewis

151bThere was an issue involving Deer Antler Velvet in 2013. This was when Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was suspected of using Deer Antler Velvet to hasten this recovery from undergoing triceps surgery. Naturally, growth hormones are part of development and restoration. These create muscles, joints, and cartilage. Additionally, growth hormones also conduct other substantial functions in the body. When growth hormone levels are not balanced, then the body becomes more susceptible to diseases.

In this case, it is unfortunate that we work so hard that we push our bodies to the limits. We do this while we sleep very little, eat poorly, and fail to exercise. The accumulated stress brought by such unhealthy lifestyle results to low levels of growth hormones.

Deer Antler Velvet can encourage the restoration and stabilization of growth hormones that have been depleted by stress. Also, Deer Antler Velvet is usually lauded for its function to boost IGF-1.

Benefits of IGF-1 include:

trims down fat

raises lean body mass

helps in glucose metabolism

makes bone, muscles, and nerves

How Deer Antler Velvet Is Created?

Deer Antler Velvet is from the antlers of deers, as suggested by its name. The antlers are gathered during the deers’ young life while the antlers are still soft.

The antlers are gathered each year during the deer’s life. These animals are put into sedation, restraint, and put into anesthetic condition in order to lessen the pain when the antlers are taken out.

The deers are not harmed when the antlers are taken out. After this procedure, they are returned back to the fields where they can once again roam around free. The removal of their antlers doesn’t have any side effects on the deers.

Afterwards, the antlers underwent sterilization and freezing. These are then sliced or powdered and produced in different forms.

More on Deer Antler Velvet

151cDeer Antler Velvet is offered in slices or powder in Asia. Both are consumed by being boiled in water and mixed with other herbs to become tea or soup.

In the US, meanwhile, Deer Antler Velvet comes in slices, powder, and tincture.

Tincture is an herb or fungi, in this case it is Deer Antler Velvet immersed in grain alcohol for over a month. The alcohol here is the one that extracts valuable chemicals from the Deer Antler Velvet. This becomes known as the “alcohol soluble compounds”.

But when you prepare soup or tea with the use of boiling water and Deer Antler Velvet, the chemicals extracted are called “water soluble compounds”.

Diverse compounds bring out various outcomes in the body. For this reason, it’s more ideal to try both if that’s possible.

IGF-1 Deer Spray

There are many kinds of deer velvet sprays. This includes BioAntler, Deer Antler Plus and Antler X. These products are brought out as an oral spray. This is deemed to be excellent in terms of its delivery method into the system because it offers faster absorption than oral ingestion.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

It is important to note that Deer Antler Velvet is not backed by any scientific tests. For now, you can be safe by using this supplement on and off. This means you can take Deer Antler Velvet for some time and then stop using it for a while. You can resume using it after taking some break.

In the present, WebMd thinks that Deer Antler Velvet can be safe only if used orally for not over 12 weeks. There aren’t other probable side effects so far.

Caution is advised for those who have hormonal concerns. Discuss using this supplement with your healthcare provider first. This is because Deer Antler boosts hormone levels, for example the testosterone and estrogen. Using this supplement could further make your hormonal issues more complex.

For pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, there hasn’t been enough clinical research to decide on the safety of this supplement.

Other Scientific Researches

If you want to be further enlightened on the subject, take a look at these readings below:

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