Reviewing Vimax’s Penis Patch

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Reviewing Vimax’s Penis Patch

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual issue that’s capable of affecting a man’s overall life. Thanks to Penis Patch, there’s now an alternative to solve problems like ED. Created by Vimax, the company claims that this product is capable of bringing an average 2 inches increase to the penis and 25% increase into its circumference. However, it’s not east to set a high expectation because each man’s case and personal needs are different from one another. But Penis Patch may be worth the try.

ED can be caused by a lot of factors, including sickness, age, stress, and others. It may not be a health-risk but it does affect a man’s confidence and his relationships.

There have been multiple remedies introduced to fix erectile dysfunction. These are surgeries, mechanical tools, as well as male enhancement products, but none have really addressed this problem in the fullest regard. There’s always something that’s lacking.

To discover the ultimate solution, a group of scientists researched and developed what is now called Penis Patch. This basically works by applying the patch anywhere on the body. Imagine a patch attached on the body and this already can increase the penis size and boost one’s reproductive health? This is truly amazing.

Overall Process

Thanks to science, Penis Patch came to life. Though it was developed by science, the ingredients came from nature. These natural ingredients were combined to form the ultimate male enhancement formula that aims to increase the length and the circumference of the penis. How exactly? Via transdermal delivery.

Transdermal is defined as “through the skin”, meaning the ingredients in the product find their way into the bloodstream as they’re absorbed by the skin. This is nothing like other solutions like male enhancement pills, which have to be taken orally and into the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. With this process, the ingredients critical in ensuring the product’s efficacy is often lost before entering the bloodstream.

For this precise reason, the transdermal delivery in Penis Patch makes the product way superior than the others.



Efficiently developed to achieve awesome results in terms of a man’s sexual health, Penis Patch employs several quality ingredients. But how sure are we that these ingredients really work as they’re supposed to?

Examining the list of ingredients, we saw that it has natural stimulants, aphrodisiacs, and even blood purifiers. Take a look:

Ginseng – Everyone’s quite familiar with ginseng but for a recap, ginseng is known to stimulate one’s sexual desires and functions. For this reason, it is a well-known remedy to address male issues when it comes to their penises and sexual capacities. Ginseng also protects us from environmental pathogens. There are multiple forms of Ginseng – Korean, American, and Siberian.

Damiana – Just like testosterone working to improve a man’s sexual abilities, Damiana works in the same capacities. It is widely regarded as an aphrodisiac. It also helps alleviates mental illnesses as it serves as an anti-depressant and aids in the treatment of some anxiety problems. The anxiety can often lead to erectile dysfunction and inability to attain erection.

Gotu Kala – Functioning as a blood cleanser, it helps increase the stamina of the nerves and reduce weariness.

The ingredients found in Penis Patch are really of excellent quality and are no doubt safe and effective. This erases our doubts on the product’s safety and efficiency.

Final Recommendation

Man Wearing Nicotine Patch --- Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis

Man Wearing Nicotine Patch — Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis

The product is a credible remedy for erectile dysfunction and other male sexual concerns. Its consistency is still in question though.

Its manufacturer is confident that Penis Patch can increase the size of the penis by 2 inches and that’s just the average increase. It can also increase the circumference by 25%.

While this can work for some men, we’re not certain of its general effectiveness because each man has a specific case. Nonetheless, it is still a must-try.

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