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RSP Nutrition CreAde: How safe is this product?

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RSP Nutrition CreAde: How safe is this product?
Written by supplementrant

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Product overview

Creatine supplement RSP Nutrition CreAde proclaims that “the revolution has arrived”. It is offered as a supplement like no other which can improve muscle growth and athletic performance to give the user the muscles of their dreams.

Actually many of their ingredients do in fact focus on delivering energy at different rates, which impressively leaves the user with plenty of energy to work out at the highest level.

Ingredients and formula

152cThis product focuses on delivering a substantial amount of creatine in just one 5000 mg blend . . . Although creatine is not all that this product has to offer!

Included in the mix is also:
A patented form of the substance creatine monohydrate named Creapure.
Converted into creatine phosphate is Creatinine and this lends a phosphate molecule to de-energized adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is then recycled as energy which allows for muscle contractions.

A patented blend of creatine monohydrate together with malic acid is Tri Creatine Malate. The binding of these two components causes quicker absorption and the advantages of this to health are also identical to those of creatine.

A patented form of creatinol-o-phosphate is COPMax, which is backed by its users saying that it drastically improves strength for training exercise. This ingredient does this by increasing anaerobic glycolysis rates and so helps you to work out more intensely.

A molecule which blends creatine monohydrate together with pyruvic acid is Creatine Pyruvate and is also approximately ten times more soluble than regular creatine. This means that the body may absorb and use this substance quicker.

Creatine Pyruvate is also known to significantly boost thermogenesis, (heat production). This process makes it easier for the body to burn fat as well as lose weight and develop a leaner muscle mass.

An amino acid important for muscle development is Arginine HCl because it releases nitric acid in order to boost physical performance. It also works to shorten recovery rates, and inhibit any muscle fatigue.

A free amino acid that is important to maintain a healthier metabolism and also supplies energy through the promotion of the fat burning process is Methionine.

Any creatine based performance supplement could cause possible side effects and several symptoms including: stomach pains, nausea and / or diarrhea.

When higher dosages are involved, creatine could cause more serious side effects that could be damaging to the kidneys, liver, and may also impact function of the heart.

The amino acids which are found in this product could also cause cell and organ damage at worst if CreAde is taken in high amounts.


152bAs a very trusted company, the price is also comparable to competition – a container that serves 50 is available for $38.10. That being said, it is unknown whether or not the product has any type of guarantee or not.

For the dosage, just add one scoop to 8 -10 ounces of water right before exercise and then take another scoop with water, immediately after exercise too!

The days that you decide not to train, just take one scoop with 8 -10 ounces of water at any point throughout that day.

To conclude

Anyone who is specifically looking for the best boost of energy during a workout, may find that the the number one choice on the market today is Lipogenix Elite.

This product does not just help you to burn unwanted fat and boost the metabolism, it also comes as an easy to take oral pill as opposed to messing around with powders and scoops!

You can buy a month’s supply for no more than $39.95.

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