Sex: Communication is The Key

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Sex: Communication is The Key

OK, so we are men and it is true a lot of us don’t like to talk about our feelings. Not only is discussing general emotions difficult but being able to be open about our sexual desires probably the most personal and embarrassing thing to have to bring to the conversation.

Some people may be experiencing problems that later result in further issues should they not find a way to confide in their partner.

Who is having great sex?

The people that talk about it!

There are some of us who are at peace with the subject ‘bedroom talk’ and these individuals are liberated enough to speak freely about what it is that they fantasise about with their partners. These people are lucky to have an amazing sex life due to being open and honest about their wildest dreams.

But is it actually luck?


Couples who can discuss their deepest feelings and sexual fantasies are at ease with each other and experience love-making better than anyone else. It takes time to build trust, but once you’re there, get talking!

Being able to put these emotions into words and share them with each other is a very decent example to set to others, that’s for sure! However, does it take time and conscious effort to open up? Or are these couples born with confidence?

It does take time and effort to get to know a person and unfortunately when we first meet a lady a lot of us may feel reserved or intimidated. Some of us may not have the right approach, building up trust is crucial before you can start to learn about each other completely and intimately.

Why is it so hard?

Because we live in a day and age where society suppresses the freedom of speech, there are not many people who would say they are comfortable in expressing their innermost secrets and desires, not even with their partner!

Who is missing out?

Married pairs go throughout their whole relationships without being totally sexually satisfied, how crazy is that? Scary, but true – this is how affairs begin, due to being bored. Either that or they live placid and sexless lifestyles in the same house, sometimes not even in the same bed.

They think they had kids and their passionate days and kinky rendezvous have died out, some may say ‘given up.’

What happened . . . (A short story)


Don’t let life without sex become the norm, some married partners end up in separate beds and cut their losses. Others use enhancement pills and give their sex life a second chance! When they start to feel the beneficial effects, they can have a try at opening up about what it is they have always wished to experience within the bedroom.

Once upon a time, there were two young, energetic and horny people. They got together and did it all the time. They did it in the bed, they did it in the shower, they even did it once in their parent’s backyard.

One day, the lady got pregnant and they started a family. Life got extremely busy and there was no time for fooling around anymore.

After some years had gone by, the children grew and eventually they left the nest. Then, there were the two people who started this whole thing, left alone in the house.

But where was their energy? They were no longer young and they were no longer horny and now they were free to practise their love once again wherever they should choose!

The sad ending

Instead of talking about how they felt and telling each other how much they had missed having their space to be together, they tried to make love but there was no longer the same passion as before.

Eventually, they were just friends because they bottled up instead of talking through their issues. No one knows if they stayed together or parted. There were rumours that the lady was enticed by another male who was younger and still had his energy and libido.

What happens to a guy’s libido?

Sadly, after the age of around 35, there is no more natural testosterone being produced and pumped around the body. Every male experiences a decrease in this valuable hormone as the days go by. Due to this, the libido, energy levels, muscle gain, all start to suffer.

How can this be resolved?

Thankfully, there are male enhancement supplements on the market that can save this situation.

If you ever feel like your sex drive is not in fit shape, then you need to discuss this with your partner. This way you are keeping her in the picture and avoiding her feeling like you are simply not interested in her anymore!

Restore your sex drive with male enhancements

After you have resumed a status that makes you alive again, enjoy your life to the full! Recreate your relationship and start to make the most of your rejuvenated sex life.

Talk to her

Take this trip to the next level, try the things that have always been on your mind but you have never had the guts to discuss before.

When you and your partner are finished for the evening and are lying in bed contemplating how good you just made one another orgasm, tell each other what you enjoyed the most and what you would like to do next!

The best time to discuss your preferences in the bedroom is when you are both comfortable right after sex! Tell each other what you enjoy and what you would like to try in the future. It is an opportune moment where you can both be honest without feeling ashamed or reserved.

It really is as simple as that! You may even end up getting turned on and going for it right away; you never know until you ask!

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