Should You Film Your Bedroom Action?

by supplementrant

Celebrities do it, whether it is for the extra fame or just for fun!

OK, so we are not all porn stars – but we do all have sex! It is not a crime to create a little home video and observe yourself in action, although it could be quite cringe at a first glance.

A little like when you hear your voice recorded for the first time, it may be a tad weird in the beginning. But how are you going to know unless you try?


It is normal to have this cross our minds to shoot something sexy, especially in this day and age with such advanced technology to hand. Everyone is well aware that we have crossed over to the ‘selfie era’ and just about every person on the planet owns a camera phone.

Almost all men can admit that they have either received or sent a naughty picture and so what would the next move be from there? Make a short movie!

Start by yo urself

Maybe you can start by getting used to the camera and seeing yourself on the screen. Send the one you like best to the missus as a little surprise and see if she digs!

“What is she is weirded out?”

Do not give up there if this is something you have decided that you are interested in accomplishing. She may find it a little strange to get her head around for the same reasons mentioned previously, but once you follow the following steps she may just change her mind . . .

Make her feel like a porn star

Turn your sex life up a notch and start expanding your ideas. Get a little freaky and try new things like role play, sex toys, that kind of stuff. Show her that you are comfortable with her and that you wish for her to feel the same about you.

Women can be a little insecure thanks to the society around them and the pressures of looking good. So let her wear something she feels comfortable and sexy in.

Untitled3 Using enhancement supplements improves the sex drive and so you may wish to experiment in the bedroom and shake up your routine a little to save from having a repetitive performance. Making a home video sex tape is one idea that could really get you both going; there could be a star in there that you both never knew about!

Perform all the tricks you know she likes and get her all wound up on a regular basis.

Using enhancement pills

If you are using male enhancements as a part of your daily routine, you are going to be feeling the benefits of enduring more energy and desire for sexual pleasure which means sticking to the same routine is going to get tedious; experimenting at this time is highly recommended.

Having a libido skyrocket after a period of experiencing a stand still can be pretty exciting (to say the least!) There are also female enhancement pills on the market that can seriously influence her capabilities.

After some time being crazy

Make the suggestion that you are interested in the possibility of making a home video to study. Just explain that you would find it intriguing to watch the pair of you at it, see where it leads! If you would normally watch porn, then this could be a huge turn on!

The Setup


Always ask permission before you shoot someone intimately, but once the other party agrees, you should take it a little more seriously than simply recording on a phone! Get a decent camera for the best picture and do not forget to press play when the time is right!

Once she agrees and has given you permission to start shooting, then do not be half-arsed about it.

Make the room look the way you like, maybe for extra confidence in the beginning light some candles and dim the lights. Set up a stand somewhere, use a GoPro or a good camera for the best picture. Some people like it to be obvious a bit more of a turn on and some people like not even to think the camera is there at all until they get used to the idea.

Role play

The great thing about this concept is you can be as kinky or as natural as you wish. You could seriously play around and set the scene; lay rose petals and make the place romantic, wear outfits or play suits, involve sex toys or seductive foods. It is totally up to you to be creative!


The last thing you want to do is when you have got all fired up for the big show, is completely forget to push the button to record! That is right; some people get a little carried away and then they forget the crucial component to the whole idea and then they have just had movie worth sex that they cannot watch again later.

The key to success

Some people suggest watching the film right away, as time brings nerves – usually getting it over and done with is the best option for crossing the milestone. Others like to tuck it away for a rainy day and like to know that it is simply just there . . .

Whichever you decide, there is one important factor to remember: do not let this recording get into the wrong hands!

Leaving it out on the side is asking for trouble, forgetting to wipe the memory card after you have transferred the file can be dangerous. You never know who might get a hold of it, the kids, or your neighbours. You might just forget and lend the device out to someone and when/if you remember, the damage is already done and it is too late!

Save the embarrassment and hide the footage somewhere sensible (within the closet or lock the file if it is on your computer).

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