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Should you worry about your weight? 

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Should you worry about your weight?
Written by supplementrant

When should you start to worry?

When people are borderline overweight, they tend to give their weight issues a little less urgency than they should. Social norms can only do so much for making us aware of our body weight. Many people think that weight is not really a big issue to deal with right away. Nowadays, there’s an improving social acceptance for bigger body types, but not much attention is being given to being healthy and fit. Although there are still people who are into getting fit, there are still many who are taking the unhealthy road since being overweight is more acceptable now than ever.

For many of us, being overweight is just not as bad as it was, and many of us don’t see the point in getting fit anymore.

Being overweight most of my life, I first realized that I needed to be fit when I got tested and was found positive for diabetes type 2. Knowing that my condition is a result of my wrong lifestyle choice, I decided to turn myself around and live a healthy lifestyle – eating right, regularly exercising, and setting goals for myself. As a result, I am now healthier than ever. But you don’t have to know that you have a potentially life-threatening condition before you start changing your lifestyle. Here are some signs that you need to start worrying about your weight:

You easily get exhausted

When we get exhausted, we normally take it as a sign that we’ve reached our physical limit and therefore we need to rest. When you get easily exhausted by doing very little manual work, then you should have yourself checked. Fatigue is not just because you’re overweight High cholesterol and being overweight are typically related conditions.

Your fatigue may be caused by cholesterol buildup in your arteries and your body fat can compress your blood vessels, making it harder for your heart to pump muscles and also for your muscles to get the energy you need. Get your cholesterol levels tested. If your cholesterol levels are high, adopt a low-carb, low-cholesterol diet and start using supplements with Hawthorn like Cholesterol Reducer 1000 to get your cholesterol on track.

Ants in your pants

Another common condition associated with weight problems is diabetes. Look for typical diabetes markers – dry mouth and itchy skin, dehydration, blurred vision, slow-healing sores, and nerve damage. These markers of diabetes are signs that you may be gaining weight due to diabetes. Diabetes prevents your body from using energy found in food, and this may lead to an accumulation of fat. Check with a physician to determine if you have diabetes or not.

Knee and back pain

Your joints may not be able to handle all the additional weight that your body is accumulating, and you may experience pain in your joints and back. This may lead to painful ligament tears on your joints and herniated discs on your back. If you’re starting to feel pain on your back and on your knees, it’s time to get serious about weight loss before your pain gets serious. Watch your diet and make sure that you’re burning more calories than what you’re eating. Take supplements like Garcinia X and Flat Belly to help you lose weight faster.

The takeaway:

The popularity of dadbods tells us that being overweight is generally acceptable. However, getting socially accepted does not mean that you’re healthy or fit. Men with dadbods are bound to experience the negative effects of being overweight one way or the other. Being overweight makes you work less about your health, but it gives you a serious health risk.

I’m sure that being lazy sounds very good now that you’re healthy, but wait until you get all the aches and pains of weight problems and I’m sure you would’ve wished that you’ve taken the healthier option.  

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