Sleep Trackers to Make You Sleep Better

by Glenn Larson

There may be nothing as satisfying as having a good night’s rest, but it can be a bit overwhelming to get the right sleeping tracker because you are faced with numerous options.

There are countless sleeping apps on the internet and a wide range of sleeping trackers which claim to help you sleep better. But, again, the difficulty lies in which one to go for.

Different kinds of sleep trackers are available, so you get to choose one which suits your preference. If you aren’t comfortable with putting on a tracker to sleep, then you can opt for the non-wearable sleep trackers that are placed just above your mattress. You can even decide to place it on your bedside table, or maybe you want a wearable tracker that would do all the work.

Sleep trackers that encourage you on your sleeping habits are also available, and it also keeps you in the know of what happens to your body when you doze off to wonderland.

We know that there should be no replacement for healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and a proper sleeping routine. Still, sleep trackers can improve your sleeping routine, and may even help you figure out where you are doing it wrong.

We have compiled a list of sleep trackers that would help you if you are always tossing and turning while sleeping.

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Withings Sleep

This can be categorized as a dedicated sleeping tracker because it doesn’t come with any inconvenience. The Withings sleep is a pad that you can easily place underneath your mattress to keep records of the quality of your sleep without having to make yourself uncomfy by wearing it on your wrist.

This means that you can freely jump right to bed and not worry about tracking your sleep, because your sleep tracker would do that for you.

The Withings sleep doesn’t just pay attention to the quality of your sleep; it also keeps tab of your heart rate, snoring, sleep phases, and the amount of time you spent sleeping.

So, if all you want to do is crawl up into the bed after a long day of work, then you should consider the Withings sleep.


S+ by ResMed


No matter how sexy and fancy it looks during the day, it can be quite uncomfortable wearing a fitness band when you are about to sleep. Some can even penetrate your skin, thereby disrupting the achievement you may have accomplished.

But with ResMed, this is totally different. They use a non-contact skin sleep monitor, and you can place it on your bedside table. Regardless of it not having any bodily contact with you, it claims to monitor your heart rate accurately, sleep quality, and breathing. Together with this information, it then provides you with tips on how to improve your environment and the amount of light needed.

This powerful sleep tracker provides you with breathing exercises that would help you sleep off, and also play sounds that are in tune with your breathing. Furthermore, it encourages you to have a clear mind by giving you the prompt to jot down the next day’s schedule.

In the end, it provides feedback on the quality of your sleep, alongside suggestions you can use to get better night rests.


Polar M430


This is one of the best-running watches out there, and it’s comfortable enough to be worn on the wrist throughout the entire day. This watch has an accelerometer that provides detailed insight on how long you slept, the interruptions you encountered while sleeping, and it gives data on your sleep periods.

With the Polar M430, you can calculate your sleep time and keep track of it against workout schedules. All the insightful suggestions made by polar M430 are all in the polar companion app, so you can now easily track the quality of your sleepover time.


Oura Ring


If you don’t like the idea of wearing a watch on your wrist or putting trackers under your mattress, then and you might be interested to know that there is another option. The Oura ring is a smart ring, and maybe it’s time for you to try it out.

Initially, we all heard rumors about how smart rings were going to be rampant in the market, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it past the initial prototype phase, but the Oura ring did.

The Oura ring is just a wellness and sleep tracker merged up in one ring. This ring can track your daily activities, but it is more effective in wellness and sleeping patterns.

Sleep Trackers to Make You Sleep Better



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