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Supplement Warnings that you generally overlook 

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Supplement Warnings that you generally overlook
Written by supplementrant

All the supplement warnings you need to take seriously

Supplement products may be viewed in the same manner as food, but food and supplements are hardly the same. For one, supplements involve certain risks that could endanger your health, especially if these supplements are not taken appropriately. Misuse of supplements could lead to very serious health cases, and in some instances, even death.

Based on our own experience, supplements are generally safe as long as you know what you are putting in your body. Supplement companies are required to at least put a warning up on their bottles to let their customers know about the potential health risks caused by consuming the product. Here are just some supplement warnings that you generally overlook but shouldn’t:

Caffeine warnings 

Caffeine warnings are there for a reason. Although generally caffeine is generally safe, taking in loads of caffeine on a single day can cause severe health issues. Most people can tolerate about 200-300mg of caffeine a day, roughly equivalent to 2-3 cups of brewed coffee. However, caffeine is a popular ingredient in stimulant-based products like fat burners and pre-workout supplements. Add the fact that other consumers also consume other products that contain caffeine like energy drinks, sodas, coffee, and tea, and you got yourself a health problem waiting to happen. Always consider the caffeine amount for every supplement that you would take.

Dosage warnings 

Users are under the impression that taking in more supplements than what is recommended would allow them to get more benefits from the product. The fact is, the dosage warnings on a supplement details the maximum amount that you could take before you could experience side effects. Trust me, supplement companies would rather have you burn through their product to get more sales, but the dosage warning sets a safe limit to how much of their product you could take before you experience any side effects.

Health warnings 

Some supplement ingredients can interfere with the medicine that you are taking for your health. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from taking supplements, heed the warning. Ask your doctor about taking the supplement. The most severe health cases from supplement misuse are from neglect of health warnings.

Banned substances 

Some supplements contain banned substances by the FDA. These substances, of course, are banned for a reason. These banned substances could cause injury or health problems. Some users think that dangerous products are more effective. Always check the FDA website for warnings and bulletins for supplements that you are planning to buy.

Prescription-only ingredients 

Supplements have fewer restrictions because supplements are not meant to treat any illness. Some supplement companies opt to mix their formulas with prescription-only ingredients, to make the product appear to be more effective. These instances are common with male enhancement supplements, where they mix products with erectile dysfunction drugs. Check the FDA website for any bulletin against any product that you’re planning to purchase. The best male enhancement supplements like Formula 41 Extreme are free from banned substances and prescription ingredients.

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