TenGenix Review – Should You Buy it?

Everything You Need To Know About Tengenix

Bottle of TenGenix Male Enhancement PillsWhen it comes to male enhancement supplements, our avid readers know that we’re not going to take it lightly. We have a reputation to uphold, and every male enhancement supplement that we encounter would always go under strict scrutiny from our experts to determine the validity of all the claims they presented. As such, we are known to voice out our opinion on products that we deem unworthy of our readers’ time and money, and we are never shy from the products that we think are worth every penny you spend on them. In this review, we are going to examine TenGenix, a male enhancement supplement that promises ten benefits that would change the way men think about male enhancement supplements.

TenGenix is a new product that had just recently hit the market, and we are one of the few individuals who were given exclusive access to the product before its alpha release phase. Based on our experience with new male enhancement pills, the vendors really wants to go big on their first few months – aggressively marketing the product and heavily investing on advertising on various media outlets, but we didn’t see that with TenGenix. What we had was a plain, clean bottle with discreet labelling – and if we had it our way, we’d have every other product be the same way.

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We enlisted the help of some of our friends and colleagues to test our fresh batch of TenGenix to see how it fares on actual testing. Our test group includes men aged 30-45, all very much sexually active, and itching to find out which product works.

First impression

TenGenix Male Performance Formula

It was clear from the beginning that TenGenix was not your ordinary male enhancement supplement. The way the TenGenix benefits are laid out are as clear as you could get, and it leaves no
room for anything that would make users unsure about what they are going to get out of TenGenix. The way TenGenix ingredients are explained are easily understood by the common folk. Sure, there are technical aspects to the formula and the TenGenix ingredients, but nothing too fancy that they were not able to explain very clearly.

The TenGenix benefits are unlike what you would expect from your regular male enhancement pill. For most pills on the market, it’s either penis enlargement, libido boost, or sexual stamina. TenGenix goes beyond the typical mold of male enhancement supplements by introducing 10 benefits that you would get when you take the pill, hence – TenGenix. Aside from the TenGenix ingredients, the proper ratio, purity, and potency are all important factors in the TenGenix formula – more on that later on.

First week of taking TenGenix

Higher sex-drive
More sexual energy
More confidence
Felt happier
Even higher sex-drive
Even higher sexual energy
 Stronger erections
 Harder erections
Started seeing penis growth – 0.5 inches so far
 Penis girth increased by 0.7 inches
Using TenGenix was plain and simple – take two pills every morning on an empty stomach to experience the full benefits. 85% of our subjects say that they have experienced a spike in their libido in just an hour after taking their first dose of TenGenix. This was aptly described by one of our subjects as an “immediate improvement in sexual confidence”. One of the main benefits outlined by TenGenix is the rapid absorption of the ingredients in the formula that leads to immediate benefits, without having the need to adhere to a specific schedule, and based on the response of our subjects, TenGenix was clearly onto something.

Our subjects have also reported noticing an improvement as far as erection firmness and the longevity of erections are concerned. Due to the spike in libido levels, some reported an increased response to sexual stimulus, which further intensified erections.

Second week of taking TenGenix

 More penis growth
More sexual energy
More confidence
 Energy levels are highest ever been
 Sexual endurance much higher
 Erections rock hard
 Horny all the time now
 Penis length and girth increased by 1.2 inches up to this point
The first week of taking TenGenix was eventful enough for our test subjects, but the second week of regular use have further outlined the actual benefits of taking TenGenix. 90% of our test subjects now report a significant increase in libido. 80% report an increase in the duration of erections, and 90% report an increase in sexual stamina. While these are already impressive results for the pill, the most impressive one yet is the significant size increase that users got after taking TenGenix straight for at least 10 days. The median size increase after 10 days is 0.75 inches, and 0.5 increase in girth.


The effectiveness of TenGenix is clearly outlined in the TenGenix 10 – a list of benefits that users can expect by taking TenGenix. Here are the following benefits:

TenGenix Ten Benefits

1. Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX) Technology
2. Permanent penis enlargement
3. Improved sexual endurance
4. Increased penile firmness
5. Full orgasm control
6. Decreased refractory period
7. Decreased mental and sexual fatigue
8. Improved response to sexual stimulus
9. Prolonged erectile function
10. Increased release of natural pheromones

In all our years reviewing male enhancement supplements, we have never encountered a male enhancement pill that could deliver 10 benefits with just one product. However, given the fact that TenGenix is unlike any other pill that we have encountered, we are inclined to believe that this new pill could actually pull it off.

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The TenGenix ingredients are basically split into three different categories – the vasodilators, the aphrodisiacs, and the hormone balancers. By carefully studying the dynamics of TenGenix, it becomes clear that TenGenix is basically a delicate balance of ingredients that allow each ingredient to be at the peak of its effectiveness without decreasing the potential of the other ingredients in the formula. A great example is the balance of aphrodisiacs in the formula, which do not get in the way of the effectiveness of the hormone balancers in TenGenix.

Typical Results in 99.8% of Men

Penis GrowthUp to 5 Inches of Growth
Semen Volume
Orgasm Quality

All of these benefits could be aptly justified by understanding the ingredients involved in TenGenix. Here are the best male enhancement ingredients found in TenGenix:



L-Arginine in TenGenix is a refined bodybuilding supplement that is more concentrated in nature to provide a much more intense vasodilation effect. L-Arginine causes the smooth muscles in the arteries that supply blood to the penis to relax, causing the blood vessels to dilate – which increases the volume of blood that flows to the penis. A healthier blood flow not only alleviates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to stenosis and occlusion, but it can increase the size of the penis as well. With regular use, the penile chambers would adapt to the increased volume of blood, which will trigger an expansion of the chambers, effectively increasing the length and girth of the penis.

Tongkat Ali

Probably the most sought-after male enhancement supplement ingredient, Tongkat Ali is the pivotal component that makes TenGenix effective. Tongkat Ali helps to improve testosterone, and it helps to prolong the duration of the erections by inhibiting free calcium that makes the penis flaccid. When used in conjunction with an effective vasodilator such as L-Arginine, it creates a formidable one-two punch that triggers the contraction of other blood vessels in the body to push an increased pressure and volume of blood to the penis.

Maca Root

The main component of the formula that affects the user’s stamina is all in the active compounds in maca root. Maca root helps by regulating the hormones that are in play while the user is sexually active. Testosterone levels are maintained at the highest levels during intercourse to improve sex drive, and after orgasm, maca root works by inhibiting prolactin and oxytocin to shorten the refractory period in men.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulusterrestris is a testosterone-boosting component of TenGenix that helps to improve libido and sexual stamina. As a testosterone booster, Tribulusterrestris also helps to improve the release of pheromones, which are natural chemical signals that make women biologically attracted to men.

Muira Puama

As a fast-absorbing supplement, MuiraPuama is one of the focal ingredients that are involved in the APEX technology used by TenGenix. MuiraPuama is easily absorbed by the body, which takes effect in just a few minutes (30-40 minutes) after taking the first dose.


There are a few other products that you could consider, but while you’re at it – consider everything that you are getting with TenGenix. No other product offers the same benefits and the same results. The only thing that we could imagine that would be the problem is the distribution of the product. We have contacted our supplier for more bottles of TenGenix, but sadly, the stocks are so limited that there would be days that they needed to limit the amount of pills purchased by their customers, as some are willing to purchase in bulk for reselling purposes.

As far as the quality is concerned, we can confidently say that TenGenix is the perfect 10. It has all the ingredients men need to greatly improve the quality of their sex life. Sure, we have reviewed all kinds of supplements – good, bad, great – but just because of the sheer ingenuity of putting together a unique blend of ingredients, combined with a compelling narrative of what you could expect with the product – it makes TenGenix the best male enhancement pill to date.


A+ Rating


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