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The Runner’s Checklist

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The Runner’s Checklist
Written by supplementrant

Thinking about taking up running for fitness? We’ll help you prepare!

Running isn’t simply lacing your sneaks and going for a run. Although running is one of the most convenient sports to pick up for fitness, starting to run isn’t that simple. Many runners quit in the early stages of their training simply because they are not prepared for the demands of running.

Running is an extremely effective routine to lose weight and tone your muscles. It’s also a healthy way to enhance your cardiovascular system. It’s one exercise that you would greatly benefit from, and here are just some reminders to make sure that you get the most out of running:

Get good running shoes

Your basketball or tennis shoes simply won’t do. Get a decent pair of running shoes for support and durability. You’re going to use it on rough surfaces, so better pick up a durable pair. Aim for the pair that gives you the most comfort when running, and not just the cheapest pair. If anything, running shoes are relatively cheaper than basketball or football shoes, and the good brands last for months before showing signs of wear and tear.

Learn the basics of footstriking

Running is more complicated than it is. Just like weightlifting, you have to know the right way to run to avoid injuries. In a nutshell, the idea is to increase your stride cadence by shortening stride length. This makes your feet land as close to your body for a given pace as possible. This should greatly reduce the risks of injury and biomechanical strain.


When you run, your body will try to cool itself with sweat, and when you excessively sweat, you become dehydrated. Make sure that you’re amply hydrated before, during, and after you run. This makes sure that your goals are met and your body won’t suffer the consequences of dehydration.

Get comfortable clothing

When you run, you should adapt to your body’s comfort. If you’re in the tropics and you wear two layers of clothing to make you sweat more, you’re not doing yourself a favor. You’re just going to get dehydrated quickly. Wearing comfortable clothes increases your range and stamina, which greatly improves the outcome of your exercise.

Beat your personal best

When running, the only record you need to beat is yours. Don’t gauge your progress with another person’s achievements, but strive to break your personal best to make progress. Once you get comfortable with your pace, it’s time to move up for more challenging goals.

Take the best fat burning supplements

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