The Truth About Cannabis and Sex

by Supplement Rant Staff
woman smoking weed

While some say that cannabis has a negative effect on one’s sex drive, recent studies show otherwise. According to these studies endocannabinoids may in fact heighten arousal in women, while enhancing the experience for both men and women. It is even said that regular cannabis usage could very well be linked to a better sex life, the studies showed that men who did not use marijuana had sex 5.6 times a week, while men who used marijuana had sex 6.9 times a week.

What About Cannabis Causes an Increase Sexual Pleasure and Arousal?

Some couples may find themselves having a glass of wine before a romantic night in, others find much success and joy in their sex lives using cannabis. Alcohol unfortunately causes for a hard time preforming, especially for men, this is due to its inhibiting chemicals that cause muscle movement to slow and processing time to slow as well. For those who find cannabis as a helpful sexual aid they may find an increase in sexual performance as well as an increase of sexual pleasure. While a normal orgasm may feel wonderful as is, it could in fact feel even better if a couple indulges in a small amount of cannabis before engaging in sex.

What causes an increase in arousal and pleasure in the body is simply the increased amount of dopamine caused by the endocannabinoids present in cannabis. Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter linked to the reward center of the brain, this transmitter simply put helps when it comes to many different aspects of life ranging from appetite to, more importantly, sex.

Can Cannabis Have Negative Effects on One’s Sex Drive

cannabis oil bottles and dropper with marijuana leavesYes, of course. Like all good things in life, too much can be a bad thing. Though there are no extended side effects from cannabis use, it is possible to become dependent on the herb. It is also a possibility that extended use of cannabis can cause a decrease in sexual activity, this is a completely temporary side effect and will end after use has stopped.

For some this may be a big no-no, others may find this to be irrelevant to their sexual performance, but for men cannabis can cause for a real short rendezvous. It isn’t preferable for sex to end too soon; but the reason cannabis causes this makes absolute sense, due to the slowing of time caused by cannabis 30 seconds of time could very well feel like 15 minutes. Again, this side effect is not a problem for everyone or a bother.

An Increase in Sex Drive Caused by Cannabis May Be Strain Specific

When it comes to cannabis there are hundreds of different strains, each strain holds different qualities and medicinal benefits. With sex and cannabis, it is easy to say, “Let’s just light one up and get on it!”, but it takes a little bit more than that, finding the right strain for the right occasion is a must.

If someone is looking for a relaxing night in filled with laughs, films and some nice skin to skin contact then using a strain like Ultimate Trainwreck might do some good. Ultimate Trainwreck is a sativa strain known for its citrusy aroma, its intense body buzz and its cause of immense euphoria. This strain is probably not something to be used if date night is one you’d really like to be mentally clear.

Whilst trying new moves in bed it is always fun to keep the energy lighthearted, but still extensively steamy, using a strain like Purple Princess is a great go to. Purple Princess is a hybrid strain that has berry-like flavors making it a tasty hybrid great for a creative, energetic and euphoric evening.

What Alternatives Are There to TCH Specific Strains?

women in bikini smoking cannabis weed on beachTHC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) specific strains are of the most popular cannabis strains available medicinally (recreationally in some states), recently though, CBD (topicals, flower, concentrates and much more) has become a nationwide must have. It is said by many people they have experienced their female partners in pain with penetration, some of those individuals have gone out of their way to try CBD topicals as a lubricant of sorts and they have seen increasingly incredible results.

CBD specific strains are great to use for after sex recovery and for lessening pre-sex anxiety. After sex recovery is a key factor in a healthy sexual experience, whatever that may be for the specific person adding a CBD strain or topical to the areas in which muscles are strained is a good way to assist. Before after-sex recovery comes the pre-sex anxiety, that could take a real toll on an intimate evening leaving a guy with little to nothing to show for his performance. Luckily, CBD does help with anxiety, aches and pains and lubrication. It could be used as a topical, concentrate or in flower form which makes for extremely easy use before and after sex.

CBD or THC For an Increase of Libido and Euphoria?

First off, CBD is known to decrease feelings of euphoria and is not really known to lessen or increase libido as it is a non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, meaning there is no “head-change” or change of mindset. As mentioned before, CBD is a great pre-sex and post-sex tool for keeping the body tip-top and for assisting in anxiety that may be induced by sex.

Now, THC, this is the libido and euphoria powerhouse of cannabis. This is due to the endocannabinoids that are released in the body causing an increase in the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure chemical that dictates what we eat, how we move, when we have sex, etc. When looking to enhance a sexual experience THC specific strains of cannabis are highly recommended, though if used for extended periods of time it may have the adverse effect (use in moderation).

If used together intimacy will be a breeze. To start off the night right consume THC in any form of choice, before sex consume/use CBD for pre-sex anxiety and body relaxation and after sex consume/use CBD for after sex recovery.

All in all, CBD is not the go to when it comes to enhanced sexual experiences and THC reigns supreme in that field, but using both together can cause for a night one would not forget.

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