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The Truth About Irisin 

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The Truth About Irisin
Written by supplementrant

Learn everything you need to know about Irisin

In 2012, the researchers at Harvard Medical School uncovered what they referred to as the “exercise hormone”, Irisin. The discovery of irisin was brought about by the discovery of a hormone found in both humans and mice that appears to be produced when exercising. According to experts, the exercise hormone irisin makes your body more efficient in regulating blood sugar, which leads to weight loss.

The discovery of irisin was met with much skepticism. Mostly coming from researchers coming from rival universities. Scientists from Duke University disputed the discovery of irisin citing the methods used to identify the existence of irisin. The cause of the dispute was the inconclusiveness of the antibodies used to identify irisin, citing that the antibodies used in the study reacted to other proteins in the blood other than irisin.

Why is irisin important?

Irisin is important because of its significance in how we understand the dynamics of training and exercise. By confirming the existence of irisin, scientists can learn more about how exercise affects human metabolism and its benefits on the body. Understanding irisin can also lead us to understand why exercise affects people differently.

Like any useful hormone, the discovery and confirmation of irisin can prompt further research, which can lead to the manufacturing of bioavailable irisin in the form of supplements. Consumers in the supplement industry are always looking for new ways to improve workout performance, and the irisin supplements of the future may just be the key to make exercise efficient for everyone.

Confirming that Irisin Exists

A new study was conducted with the sole purpose of confirming the existence of irisin. Researchers used another method called quantitative mass spectrometry that breaks down protein in smaller fragments. Researchers then used the molecule mass in the fragments to identify the existence of irisin.

Researchers were able to pinpoint the existence of irisin in sedentary individuals, as well as people who have done aerobic training for 12 months. Researchers concluded that irisin in sedentary individuals is about 25% less than those in people who have done a year of aerobics training. These figures do not just confirm the existence of irisin, but the increase of irisin in people who exercise. While it’s a breakthrough that the existence of irisin is confirmed, there’s no proof yet that it would yield positive effects in the body.

The future of exercise

As of today, we cannot rest our hopes yet on irisin to make workouts efficient. However, there are products that exist today that can greatly improve your exercise progress.

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