Tips & Tricks to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

by Supplement Rant Staff
No To Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has been an issue that many men have had to face in the past.

Men continue to have these issues in the present. And they will continue to have such issues in the future. But, thanks to modern medicine, erectile dysfunction is not staying ‘in the bedroom’ anymore. In other words, ED is now known by many, and many people are trying to help men out of such situations who are having these issues.

For example, commercials today are broadcasting what pharmaceutical drugs can be used to combat ED, doctors are trying their best to get the problem under control, and natural remedies are arising to fight the cause. Whether the cause be due to an injury, a psychological issue, or medication side effects, there are ways to fight against it.

Check out what the experts say about fighting erectile dysfunction below. You could be reversing your ED in no time.

Be patient.

As men age, their sex lives change. What I mean when I say that is that many men need a little bit more time to be sexually aroused. If you don’t get a boner in a matter of a few minutes, don’t start to freak out. This isn’t a bad thing. Keep trying a little bit longer. You may be psyching yourself out. Just relax and allow yourself to not think negative thoughts; ED may not be the cause of your inability to become stiff, it may just be your mind over thinking.

Also, keep in mind that if you can’t get an erection, it may just be a sign of aging. I know, you don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. Men in their 20’s and 30’s can get an erection quite quickly; But, men in their 60’s and 70’s may not be so fortunate. Even if you didn’t get an erection yesterday, and you seem to get an erection today, you may not have erectile dysfunction. Your body does some funky things while aging, that doesn’t mean that you have total loss of your sex life.

Check out the meds your on.

Tips & Tricks to Combat Erectile DysfunctionPrescription drugs suck the (sex) life out of you. Literally. Over-the-counter drugs do, too. So, take a look at your medications and consult your doctor before you start getting worried about the possibility that you may have ED. Medications that can mess up your sex life include, but are not limited to, antihistamines, heart pills, blood pressure pills, diuretics, and sedatives.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are going to experience impotency if you are taking any of these medications; Every man and every body is different.

Men who tend to have ED issues while taking medications are generally 50 years old or older. But remember, you can always switch to another drug or decrease your dosage, as long as the doctor says so.

Stop drinking as much alcohol.

Even though alcohol heightens your desire to have sex, it does not promote your performance during sex. Why does this happen? Because alcohol acts as a depressant to your nervous system, therefore it slows your reflexes, making you less aroused.

As little as a few drinks during happy hour can cause less arousal to occur, actually. And, over time, alcohol can create imbalances in hormones throughout the body, therefore leading to erectile dysfunction temporarily, or permanently. If your hormones are imbalanced, specifically your testosterone, you will be unable to maintain an erection.

Make sure you know what’s good for your arteries.

Specifically speaking, know what foods are good for your arteries. Think of it this way: If your the food your eating is likely to create buildup in your arteries, it’s also likely to inhibit your ability to have an erection.

Also, as men age, their arteries tend to narrow. With the narrowing of arteries, you are more likely to clog them. You must be extra careful with what you eat as you age, considering the narrowing of arteries can make it harder to form an erection if there are clots roaming around in the blood.

Refrain from smoking.

Tips & Tricks to Combat Erectile DysfunctionHealth care professionals have been known to tell men with erectile dysfunction to stop smoking cigarettes (if they smoke). But, why is this? This is because nicotine can constrict your blood vessels, therefore lessening a man’s ability to become aroused.

Quit those cigarettes.

Lose a few pounds.

Men who are overweight have a hard time getting an erection. They also have an even harder time when it comes to keeping that erection up. If you are around 10% heavier than the weight you should be, try to lose some of that unwanted weight.

Go for a run every day, hit the gym, change your diet, or lift some weights. Get the blood pumping and the calories burning. Not only will this get your ED under control,  but you will also promote  your self-confidence.

Have some more sex.

Believe it or not, having more sex can battle the consequences of erectile dysfunction. In other words, if you have sex only once a week, you’re more apt to having ED; Whereas, if you have sex more than once a week, you may be able to avoid having such a problem. Aim for twice a week, or more.

Avoid drinks like caffeine.

Caffeine hypes up your body, giving it the energy it needs to get through the day. But, it also does not allow the body to generally relax. During sex, you want to be as relaxed as possible. If you are, you’ll get an erection quicker.

So, stay away from stimulants like coffee and soda if you’re trying to avoid erectile dysfunction. Why? Because stimulants tend to constrict smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is found in the penis, and therefore if it’s constricted, it will not be able to relax and form an erection.

Eat some watermelon.

This may sound odd, but watermelon is the up and coming arousal food for men. The phytonutrients present in the fruit act as an all natural Viagra, so to speak. The compounds within watermelon are known to relax the blood vessels throughout the body, therefore allowing the blood vessels within the body to relax, in turn causing an easy to maintain erection.


By Jenny Lyn

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