Tips That Will Have You Lasting Longer Than Ever During Sex

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Young couple engaged in sexual intercourse
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Do you find that you are not lasting as long during sex as you or your partner would like you to? If this is the case, know that many men have this issue but there are solutions for this. The first thing that should be noted is that lasting longer in bed shouldn’t be your first priority. You need to make sure you are pleasing your woman first and foremost. Lasting longer in bed is usually only important if you can’t last 30 minutes in bed before having an orgasm or going limp. If you are having these problems, then you do need to learn how you can last longer than ever during sex.

Notice What is Happening

preview-full-shutterstock_303137369One of the first things you may need to do to last longer than ever during sex is to notice what is happening. You may be trying to rush sex and this could be causing you to have premature ejaculation. You may even be trying to focus only on your own pleasure instead of taking care of her first. If you can notice what is happening, you will have greater chances of lasting longer during sex. You need to practice holding off your orgasm. You can do this through masturbation. Get yourself to the point where you feel you will get off and then slow it down. When you do this on your own, you can control it more when you are with a woman.

Do Make Love

If you have it in your mind that you are only having sex with a woman, there is a chance that you aren’t going to last very long in bed. When thinking of it only as sex, you aren’t going to connect with her as emotionally during sex. The less emotionally attached you are, the sooner you are likely to ejaculate. If you can spend some more time with it and make love instead of just having sex, you are increasing your chances of lasting longer. In addition, you are likely to give her a better orgasm if she knows you are making love to her and not just having sex.

Start it Up and Slow it Down

There are different techniques you can do during sex to make sure you are lasting longer. One of the things that you can do is to start it up and then slow it down. When you are having sex or making love with a woman, you need to make sure you stay in control. One of the best ways you can do this is to take Sexual Overdrive supplements. These help you to last longer before ejaculating. They also help you to have more control even when it is very sensitive on your penis. When you start it up and then slow it down, you are also teasing your woman which is going to help her to have a greater orgasm as well.

Doing the Kegels

preview-full-shutterstock_162691217If you have had issues with premature ejaculation, you may want to try doing the Kegels. These are exercises that help you to have more control in the muscles of your pelvic floor. This is important because it lets you control when you orgasm. It also helps you to learn how much you can hold off before you actually ejaculate. The more Kegels you do, the more control you are going to have over your sexual experiences. This means you get to control how long you last in bed.

Make Sure to Use Foreplay

You should also make sure you use foreplay. If you are having troubles with ejaculating early and you are still practicing getting that under control, foreplay can distract the fact that you don’t last as long. When you use foreplay, you are teasing your woman and getting her worked up before you have intercourse. This means she will be closer to her orgasm before you have sex so you don’t have to last as long. This gives you a better chance of having an orgasm together which is a very satisfying experience as well.

If you want to last longer with your erection before you ejaculate, these are the things that you need to keep in mind.

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