Top Fitness Exercises Men Use Most Often

by supplementrant

You think about what exercises you are going to do and then you add them into your fitness plan. You may do some research on which exercises are going to help you build the bod you want to have. Maybe you even go to the gym and speak to a personal trainer. No matter how you go about making sure that you are finding exercises that will get you fit, you should know the not-so-secret top fitness exercises that men use most often and get major results with! You will find all those here. Keep in mind that while exercising can help in building muscle definition, tone and mass, adding in muscle building supplements like NitroGenix 365 will boost your efforts even further.

Doing Yoga

preview-full-men-to-follow-on-instagramYes, it may not seem so manly like but yoga generally tops the list as a great fitness exercise that men can use. While this may not be the exercise that will get you built like a rock-hard man, it will get your body flexible. The more flexible your body is when you work out, the more ability you have for pushing harder during all work out sessions. You probably already know that pushing yourself harder equals greater results. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to do yoga 2 to 3 times a week.

Doing CrossFit

Another one of the top fitness exercises men use most often is CrossFit. This is a special type of exercise program. It uses a focus of higher intensity workouts to help you get fit, build muscle and even get a healthier body mass index as well. This has become one of the most popular fitness exercises over the last few years. There are many programs and plans that include CrossFit as the main go-to. If you are looking for the best fitness exercises, you should give this one a try.

Doing P90X

preview-full-crossfit-shoes-for-men1You have just read about CrossFit and now it is on to doing P90X. This is similar to CrossFit in regards to the higher intensity workouts. This is a program that was designed to get your body moving and to do so quickly. When looking at the fitness statistics and trends, thousands of men are jumping on the chance to do P90X. This goes to show you that building muscle the right way involves the use of this program so getting it may be of the best benefit for you.

Doing Insanity

Similar to P90X, you will find the Insanity program. This is another one of the programs that is boosting in popularity over the last few years. With this program, you do very high intensity workouts that keep your body in gear throughout the entire work out. You start to sweat, burn off calories, burn off fat and get fit much quicker than with most other exercise programs. If you are ready to gain muscle quick, getting this program may be right for you.

Doing a 5K

If you have been a couch potato but now you are ready to reach the top fitness exercises and get going on them, you should plan to run a 5K. You start by sitting on the couch and each day you work towards the fitness goals that would need to be achieved to run a 5K. Many men can achieve this goal in just about 2 months. Make yourself do this and see how great it helps you with your fitness.

Doing Squat and Plank Programs

You can also benefit your fitness by taking part in squat and plank programs. There are many of these online that you can find and participate in. Some of them are 7 days long while others are months long. Find one of each of these that you will stick to and get going on it to build up your fitness.

The top fitness exercises men use most often are laid out for you right here! Which one or more of these will you choose to boost up your fitness? You can always start with just one of them and as soon as you complete a program goal for that one, you can add in another. You can mix and match and do multiple programs at the same time as well.

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