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These days, as long as the promoted product appears legit, consumers are going to buy without thinking twice.  Let’s face it, we are not going to stand in a store and Google each ingredient for the best part of the afternoon before we finally proceed to the counter and buy now, are we?

“The bottle says it’s decent, natural and does the job! What more do you need? I’m happy with that!”

OK, if that’s all you need to know, then that is fine. We would just like to provide you with option of understanding exactly what it is that you are adding to your daily nutrition, should you choose to start taking supplements . . . Because despite what you say, we think you will benefit from the extra knowledge! You know when someone asks you to describe what it is that you are taking? And for once, you know how to answer them properly?  Well, then you can thank us!

It’s not like we are saying:

“Hey! Time to get OCD and review every single label, on every single product that you buy!”

That would be ridiculous!

We are just simply trying to sway you into being a little more conscious of what is good for you and what is not. This way you can avoid spending money on potentially harmful items when you could opt for the ingredients you know are safe to use. Money better spent and health saved! Make sense, right?

What is Tongkat ali?

TONGKAT ALIYes, it sounds like something you might name your cat, but, in fact, Tongkat Ali is a flowing plant that you can find growing in the South East Asia region. Sometimes companies like to get posh and use the scientific term ‘Eurycoma longifolia.’

While the plant may be an impressive sight of reaching ten metres in height, it is only the root that gets used for traditional folk medicines.

Predominantly found in the Southern Regions of Asia, Tongkat Ali is a tall plant that is traditionally harvested for the roots. When digested the benefits are said to cure many serious diseases as well as minor health problems.

How to use tongkat ali

Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, the people here have harvested the plants roots to input into drinks for many years. These days, to make life easy and to monitor the dosage, companies have kindly done the work for you and created supplements that contain the extract!

Having supplements to take involves consistency you should incorporate them into your daily life in order to feel the best effects. A proper diet and exercise go hand in hand with taking any type of supplement – they do not just work by themselves!

Is it safe to use?

When you have found a trusted brand that professionally produce quality supplement pills, these companies ensure that their product is 100% natural and therefore 100% safe to use.

The Benefits of Tongkat ali

There are a variety of useful applications when it comes to this particular herb. Many people swear by consuming this to relieve fevers, stomach issues like indigestion or diarrhoea and even get rid of headaches.

Tongkat ali to increase sexual activity

Many cultures and indigenous people claim that when the root is digested that it has the power to increase the libido, testosterone and can even boost the sperm count for infertile men. Because Tongkat Ali is used as an additive in energy drinks, it is believed that the extract assists energy levels and blood circulation, consequently improving the quality of sexual performance.

Are there any side effects?

As long as you purchase a legitimate product and not a fake, you are not going to experience any side effects. However, be careful to avoid counterfeit products from certain retailers – if whoever is marketing the product to contain Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia tries to pass off that because it has a ‘bitter taste’ to the supplement to prove it is the real thing – it probably isn’t.

If you are successful in buying proper supplements you are likely to experience the same benefits of a pharmaceutical pill but without the nasty side effects. Because the ingredients are natural, there are no withdrawals or risks in obtaining reactions, allergies or after effects.

Unlike Viagra, a manmade chemical known to temporarily assist with erectile dysfunction –Tongkat Ali is a natural herb that can regularly be taken to improve your sexual activity as a whole. Prescribed Viagra may only help (when help is necessary), but along with taking this drug come slight and/or severe consequences.

“Where should i purchase supplements?”

“You say there are bogus products on the market to look out for, so where can I go to avoid getting ripped off?”

That’s, right. Unfortunately there have been many products seized over recent years, due the manufacturers claiming them to be something which they are not. If you want to take a look at real male enhancement products, then you can click here for official and trusted products along with their reviews.

Other benefits of using male enhancements

TONGKAT ALI - MENNot only can you increase your sex drive and impress your partner without feeling terrible afterwards due to side effects, but if you were to start using enhancement supplements made of natural ingredients – you are bound to notice a difference in your physique, too.

Some studies have proved that Tongkat Ali can improve testosterone levels. Testosterone helps to gain muscle and if you are working out then be prepared to begin to bulk out nicely! Because energy levels are added, you will find that you are able to work out for longer too. Stamina and strength optimise, (which is what is most noticeable about the libido!)

Male enhancement pills with natural ingredients like Tongkat Ali have several benefits including increasing strength and stamina which has an excellent effect on the performance in the bedroom! Some men have noted that as a result of taking supplements, they have seen a noticeable difference in the size of their penis too!

Bigger muscles and bigger . . .

Penis! That is right; you heard it correct!

When testosterone levels rise and blood circulation starts to improve, watch what happens when you begin to ‘show’ – because you may also see that you have began to grow! There are numerous claims from men who use male enhancements correctly (meaning with a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise,) they have noticed a difference in both the length and girth of their penis’. Some even say that they have gained inches!

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