Understand Natural Ingredients and their uses: Tribulus Terrestris

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Understand Natural Ingredients and their uses: Tribulus Terrestris

Most people just go ahead and take the bottle’s word for it without giving a second thought. Customers seem to just pay the money and go by the image. It is not too often anyone thinks to stop and look at the smaller print on the label before proceeding to the checkout.

“It says it’s natural, healthy and does its job! That’s good enough, for me!”

But do you really know exactly what it is that you are taking? What if instead of just mindlessly buying and consuming you were to seriously understand the label and have a better insight as to what it is that you are putting into your body?

Surely, it would be better to know and give yourself more piece of mind? (Not to mention, make you seem more intelligent when you are informing the ‘Sted heads’ down at the gym of how you manage to look so good and feel awesome, too.)

We are not suggesting you become label obsessed, but perhaps you should start to consider knowing about good ingredients and consequently perhaps open a door to a world of consciously reviewing other products that you use which could be potentially harmful.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

First off, it sounds pretty technical but in actuality it is just a plant! Not so scary right? Yes, a flowering vine found in the Mediterranean through Asia and into Australia, also known as ‘Bindii’.

And although this flower looks innocent and feminine, it withholds powerful properties that are potent to our health if it is used correctly!


Tribulus Terrestris is a flowing plant that is known to increase testosterone levels, strength and even help gain muscle. Extracts are included in many of today’s natural supplements to increase energy levels and enhance the sex drive.


What are the uses?

For years, this plant has been cultivated and the fruit, leaves and root of this wondrous organism have been harvested to create natural medicines to assist numerous health issues.

Not only is it said to generate better circulatory and heart conditions, but people believe it enhances energy levels for athletic purposes!

Bonus Features

To top off the benefits mentioned above, Tribulus Terrestris is also known to improve sexual performance by increasing testosterone levels in men and fertility in women.

Is Tribulus Terrestris safe?

Of course! If you were to buy any type of certified supplement that was created especially for enhancement purposes, then these products are 100% natural and fully safe to digest.

Can this particular herb be grown and eaten at home?

Domestic use is not prohibited. However, if you were to come across the plant itself, be aware and do not eat the spine-covered fruit. It must also be noted that correct measurements should be made with regards to dosage and this is why it is wiser to purchase from a trusted brand.

Are there any side effects?

Unlike prescribed medicines, using natural herbs do not cause major side effects. There is no risk of becoming addicted or having any type of withdrawal symptoms. However, if anything is taken in excess, there can be consequences and so it is crucial to check out the recommended daily amount of all products before use.

The big question: “Will Tribulus Terrestris assist my libido?”

It is advised with all supplements that should the correct diet be maintained combined with regular exercise, this herb if bought as a supplement, will indeed assist in increasing energy levels. Higher energy means extra stamina and strength, which certainly helps in the bedroom!

Unfortunately, there are not enough studies on this herb alone to determine whether it can be directly linked to the claims of increasing sexual performance. However, when tested on rats, it is clear to see that it does work.

There is only one way to find out if Tribulus Terrestris works for you and that is to trial male enhancement products that contain its extracts! One thing to bear in mind though is that these capsules will contain other organic extracts, meaning that the effects will most likely be a result of all the ingredients combined.

How about muscle gain?

Studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris can increase testosterone levels, which help body builders gain muscle once they have reached their personal peak of fitness. Most men around the age of 30 – 35 experience a halt in testosterone production and then find that gradually the levels, in fact, start to decrease.

This happens to all men, so do not be alarmed as you are by no means alone!

When to think about taking male enhancement pills

In the cases of finding that your libido is lacking and/or you are aiming to bulk out your physique bit nothing is happening, it is definitely a better option to go for natural herbs before experimenting with Anabolic Steroids and other potentially dangerous drugs.

Also, it is not a case of stocking up on all the pills you find and mixing them. Make sure you obtain proper advice from a nutritionist or some kind of professional who knows what they are talking about!


When you decide to start taking male enhancement pills, it can be quite daunting as to which to choose! Do not be afraid to as a professional for advice in order to get things right.


If you find that natural supplements do not seem to be working for your metabolism, seek medical advice from a professional or doctor.

Finding the right male enhancement for you

There are a number of supplements on today’s shelves that can assist a variety of needs; it simply depends on what outcome you wish to achieve. Be careful to read labels and reviews as to make sure you are not buying any bogus or counterfit products, try to use trusted websites and brands.

If you have started to research male enhancement pills, but find it all a little overwhelming click here to have it made easy for you! Here you will find a list of what we have narrowed down to be the best supplement options with reviews for each product.

Remember that taking supplements by themselves is not enough and it is essential to gaining the best results to combine a nutritious diet and active lifestyle into the mix.


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