VPX Redline White Heat – Is it the best?

by supplementrant
VPX Redline White Heat – Is it the best?

If you are looking to improve your energy and motivation for exercise then maintain a healthy diet sometimes just doesn’t cut it for all of us! This is when adding supplements to our routine can become seriously handy! The annoying thing is when you come to purchase but you have no idea what to look for! That’s where we can help . . .

Instead of stressing yourself out and taking forever reading labels with ingredients that make no sense, we have made reviews that will explain these components in an easy to understand format, just to make life a little easier for you when making a decision on which supplement is best!

We are able to offer our knowledge of natural herbs and more to give you precise information that you can trust.

The product:

Supposedly, VPX Redline White Heat is ‘The Ultimate Pre-Workout Amplifier’ and is said to boost energy which will allow you to optimize your workout.

It also claims to leave you with ‘laser-like focus.’


red line white heat-ingredientsBy using stimulants like Caffeine this product is sure to give you a rush! Not only through this substance but also combining with three different types of Yohimbe, this is definitely a mix that will hit you instantly.

However, you need to rethink drinking any coffee or consuming anything else that contains caffeine as VPX Redline Whit Heat contains the daily recommendation of 400 mg in just one scoop!

This product also contains: Hydroxypropyl, Distarch, Phosphate, Theacrine and Evodia.

Other ingredients

When manufacturers make a separate list of components – this is generally to show what they have used to pack out their product. Most of the time, this can be avoided.

The fillers in VPX Redline White Heat consist of: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Sucralean® brand Sucralose and Citric Acid Anhydrous.


For a month’s supply at $35.69 the price is affordable but still not cheap. The goat you can good thing is that you can choose from their different flavors which make the taste bearable.

There is also a stimulant-free product which they suggest is ideal to combine with this in order to assist in muscle building (but this means spending more money!)


red line white heat-assist in muscle buildingIf I was to opt for a pre-workout, I wouldn’t choose something that has such a high quantity of caffeine. In fact, I would try to avoid caffeine altogether because it is simply just not necessary.

There are other products such as Xtreme Testosterone which include powerful natural herbs like Horny Goat Weed that will work just as well but cut out the risks of experiencing horrible side effects.

Not only will you feel the benefits of higher energy levels, but you will notice and increase in muscle and feel the advantages to your libido! By assisting testosterone production this product is a much better option than having to mix two products together in order to see the desired results.

And at an outstanding price of $19.95 you are saving an incredible amount of money!

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