What causes muscles to shrink after workouts?

by supplementrant
What causes muscles to shrink after workouts?

Workouts can shrink muscles too.

Have you ever experienced working out and expecting to make your muscles bigger, but just ending up watching your muscles shrink after working out?

There are a lot of factors that affect your muscle mass development, and there are several reasons why your muscles would look smaller after working out. No, this has nothing to do with muscle atrophy which occurs when you don’t use your muscles. It has more to do with how your body naturally makes your muscles bigger, and what you’re doing wrong that makes it smaller.

Here are 5 reasons why your muscles shrink after workouts

Losing the pump

During workouts, your body increases the amount of blood flow to your muscles to supply necessary nutrients and energy. Your heart works more than usual, which pushes more blood to your muscles. The blood stays in your muscles to provide energy and nutrients. After working out, your body realizes that it no longer needs to feed more blood to your muscles, and that’s when you lose pump in your muscles. Although it’s perfectly normal to lose pump, you have a way of improving your pump while training. Vasodilators are pretty good in improving the pump that you get from workouts, and these can be found in muscle-building supplements like NitroGenix 365.


Overtraining is when you train before your muscles have fully recovered from your previous training. While intense training is great, it’s not good if you do it before your muscles have recovered, which should be about 24-48 hours. Overtraining strains your muscles, which in turn makes it harder to build protein muscle fibers, or myofibril to make up muscle mass? Many people think that frequent intense training is good for bodybuilding, but this would only work if you have an increased recovery rate. If you want to increase the frequency of your training, make sure you’re taking a recovery supplement like Deer Antler Maximum Strength to boost your recovery rate.

Poor nutrition

Your muscles need to be properly nourished after working out to make sure that you build your muscles right. Your body is a well-oiled machine that would look for nutrients in any way that it has to, and if your body cannot supplement the protein that your muscles need to rebuild, it will get it from another protein-rich source in your body, in this case – your muscles. This process is called muscle catabolism, and it only happens when you don’t get protein in as fast and consistent way that your recovering muscles require. A regular diet that consists of lean meat, eggs, and milk should be enough, but the delay in absorption and delivery makes muscle catabolism a real problem for some. That’s why it’s important to have a good nutrient-delivery system for your recovering muscles.

Supplements that improve blood flow are extremely important for muscles that are developing. Improving blood flow increases the recovery rate of your muscles, effectively preventing muscle catabolism. Look for supplements that dilate your blood vessels so more nutrients can pass through your blood. It’s like getting another lane or two in a busy city street to alleviate the traffic. The best muscle-building supplements contain a vasodilator like Yohimbe to boost nutrient delivery.

Muscle recovery is just as important as your strength training and muscle-building exercise. Make sure that you are properly nourished and get your circulatory system in tip-top shape to maximize your training efforts. Don’t let your training go to waste with things like muscle catabolism to hamper your progress. Take supplements like NitroGenix 365 and Deer Antler Maximum Strength to boost your muscle mass and recovery so you can recover faster and go back to the gym for more intense training.

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