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What is America’s Best Male Enhancement Pill?

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Written by supplementrant

Get insider info on the best male enhancement pill today

At, we have always been very vocal with the products that we love. That’s why we take the time to research every product that goes on our website reviews. We consider the science, the pill, user reviews – the whole package before coming up with our own conclusion. This have given us the unique experience of trying out some of the best male enhancement pills on the market today, and to our surprise, there aren’t that many great pills available.

Like you, we always take on the advice of our peers and even other review website’s advice before trying out a product. After all, it’s something that we take to have a significant effect on our bodies, and at the very least, we want to make sure that it’s safe.

For the longest time, the best male enhancement pill on our website was Formula 41 Extreme. We’ve used it, we bought about 6 months of supply from that stuff, and we’re proud to say that we have finally settled on Formula 41 Extreme being our male enhancement supplement of choice, but then comes Biomanix – a new male enhancement formula that had just recently hit the market.

Biomanix has everything that we like for a male enhancement pill. It has real, compelling evidence on their website that proves that the product is really effective. With several studies, reviews, patents, and testimonials, it’s enough to convince us to buy Biomanix and test it out.

One of our staff members came across Biomanix while doing research for another product. He found it quite convincing, and bought the product to test it himself. I didn’t carry out the tests myself, since I got some pretty cool results with Formula 41 Extreme, and I’m just not ready to take on a new product and review it objectively. With only a few days in testing, the effects of Biomanix can be observed.

Our staff member isn’t the only one that has noticed the positive effects of Biomanix. Countless people have already made their own reviews about the product. We’re quite late to the party because all we use at the time was only Formula 41 Extreme. Now, we have another product in Biomanix to share with our readers. Avid visitors of our website know that we’re quite passionate with the products we love, so expect more stuff about Biomanix in the future.

Many users are not familiar with how a real male enhancement pill should work. Aside from the things you could directly observe – bigger penis, lasting longer in bed – it has something to do with the way erections feel. Remember when you were younger and your penis was exceptionally larger when you’re way too horny? It’s what taking a quality pill feels like – like your penis is throbbing out of control. Now, imagine feeling that way every time you get an erection.

We were set on crowning Formula 41 Extreme as the best male enhancement pill we’ve ever come across with, but with all that Biomanix has to offer, we’re not so sure anymore – and that’s not a bad thing. It’s good for us – the consumers – that we have more than just one option for male enhancement. Considering the numerous patents, studies, and user reviews about Biomanix, we’re quite sure that Biomanix is the #1 male enhancement pill in the United States.

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