What Women Talk About When You Leave the Room

by supplementrant

To put it simply…women talk about everything, but there are some things we will talk about more than others. When women get together it’s all about who has the most dramatic story. We want to help each other, give advice and rant about our problems. It’s very much like show and tell, expect just the tell part. Here are the things women talk about when there are no men in the room.


This is honestly the most exciting and popular topic. Hold on though, it’s not like we’re constantly fawning over you. If there is boy drama, you better believe it will be revealed immediately. For example if she is experiencing problems with her relationship, it will be dished out so everyone can weigh in. We talk about which guys we think are hot, what happened on our last Tinder date, what might happen on our NEXT Tinder date, how annoying it is when our boyfriend leaves his dirty socks everywhere, how we are thinking about breaking up with said boyfriend. Just assume your girlfriend’s friends know everything about you and if there’s something you don’t want her to tell, make her swear on the holy Bible and even then you’re probably screwed.


2aMaybe you have seen an episode or two of “Girls” and see how openly they talk about sex on the show. That is a pretty good depiction of what it is really like. We will talk about what you’re like in bed, how big you are “down there”, whether or not you made us breakfast in the morning and how you kissed us goodbye in the most adorable way. We tend to not go into great detail, but if there’s something that went horribly wrong, it will be known for sure. Same goes for if it was amazing. We’re mostly giggling through the whole thing anyway so we don’t take it too seriously.

That one girl we don’t like

If there is a mutual dislike of another girl, you can guarantee we will be talking about her. We might be worried for her, suspicious, annoyed etc. It’s not that we don’t like her per say…she’s just on our radar. She is usually the outsider of the group who seems to attract a ton of drama to her life and we think that we know the solution for her, so we try to solve her problems over…and over…and over.

Feminism and gender equality issues

When men are in the room women may shy away from preaching about gender issues to avoid offending anyone. When it’s just the ladies we can get pretty intense about it. We all suddenly turn into Beyonce, stand on our soap box and let it be KNOWN. We will go off about everything from how annoying it is to get harassed on the street to how cool Amy Poehler is. The whole rant usually starts off with someone complaining about being cat-called earlier that day and then 3 hours later, here we are.

Our true feelings

Whether we’re feeling angry, sad, excited or scared we will let our friends know. We will try to cheer our fellow girls up as best as we can and shower them with compliments. Sometimes our get togethers turn into therapy sessions. Tears are sometimes involved and mushy feels will be felt by everyone involved.


Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and dream about the future a bit. What kind of career do we want to have? Where in the world do we want to live? What qualities would our ideal partner have? Do we want kids? What kind of things do we want to accomplish in our lifetime? All of these questions and more will be pondered and the discussion may take a turn for the deep end. Speaking about our goals out loud makes it seem more real than just thinking about it to yourself all day. It’s fun knowing were all in this together.

Our exes

For every hilarious story about your ex, there’s about one hundred more. Both men and women are guilty of this, but it just feels so good to tell an embarrassing story about someone who has wronged you. If you ever did something incredibly stupid and your ex-girlfriend was there to witness it, the legacy will live on, believe me. Maybe you were a huge slob, or you cheated and lied about it or your apartment always smelled like cigarette smoke and Doritos. It’s not gonna be the good stuff, you’re out of her life and she’s moving on. All her friends see you as pure evil. Do not forget that. She will take every opportunity she is given to complain about her “crazy ex-boyfriend”.


Women can be strangely open about their flow. We know not to talk about it when men are in the room, because you seem to get incredibly awkward about it. Anything from how long it lasts, tampons versus pads, embarrassing accidents, pms symptoms and how it’s the worst thing in the world is on the table. It’s something most girls have in common and it gives us another excuse to rant.

Our bodies

2bIf there’s a strange rash on your lower abdomen, screw the doctor, ask your friends instead. Dry skin, cellulite, allergies, fatigue, anything happening to your body can be brought up in conversation with your best mates. Women will also talk about their bodies in a negative way and then frantically give each other compliments. It makes us feel better about ourselves believe it or not. If only we felt like that permanently…It’s one hundred percent true that women feel insecure about their appearance and unfortunately we live in a world that encourages those bad feelings. We know we should love ourselves for what we are, but it’s hard when you’re shown so much proof not to. Complimenting each other reminds us what we do have to be proud of.

Random Shit

Sometimes we talk about weird random shit just like every other person on the planet. Maybe we’re talking about whether we think aliens are real or maybe we’re talking about what our favourite pizza toppings are. Sometimes a topic will come up and we just run with it, but it always seems to come back to boys…funny how that happens…

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