What’s Your Sex Enhancement Choice?

by Supplement Rant Staff
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          Have you and your partner ever tried using anal sex toys during your lovemaking? Sex toys are just some of the sex enhancement products that people use for a more intense sexual experience. Other couples watch porn to set the mood. There are also those who use sexual enhancement pills to either increase their libido or improve their sexual stamina.

          In a recent study publishing the results of a sexual diversity survey, more than 2,000 Americans were asked about their sexual behaviors. One focus of the study was the use of media and sexual enhancement products. The researchers looked at what kind of sex toys and other sex enhancement products Americans use.

          As expected, watching porn was part of the top sex enhancement behaviors. However, the survey also revealed surprising and interesting data about how Americans use toys and media to enhance their sexual experience. Here’s a look at the top ten ways Americans enrich their sexual experience.

#1 Sexually Explicit Videos

          More than 70% of all the respondents, both males and females, reported watching sexually explicit videos or DVDs or pornographic video materials at least once. Not surprisingly though, this sexual behavior was more prevalent in men, with more than 82% saying they watch porn or have watched porn at least once, while the number is only 60.4% for the female respondents. Still, that’s more than half of all the respondents, which is suggestive that watching porn is becoming a mainstream behavior.

#2 Sexually Explicit Magazines

 man reading erotic and sexually explicit magazine in bed         Next to watching porn, the second most prevalent sexual behavior is looking through sexually explicit magazines, with a total of 66.2 respondents saying they’ve done this before. Again, this behavior was more common in the male respondents with almost 80% reporting the behavior, while for the women, it was only 54%. The men also reported a higher incidence of using sexually explicit magazines in the past month and in the past year, as compared to the women.

#3 Erotic Books

          Reading erotic stories rounds up the top three sexual behavior, with an equal percentage of male and female respondents reporting the behavior, at 57.2%. The numbers were also similar for the past month and past year usage.

#4 Use Of Vibrator/Dildo

          This is fourth most common sexual behavior and the number one sexual enhancement product used by Americans. Not surprisingly, more female respondents reported using a vibrator or a dildo to enhance their sexual experience as compared to the men, with 20% saying they used the product in the last month. More than 31% said they used a vibrator or dildo in the last year, and more than half used it at least once in their lifetime. For the latter, almost 33% of the men said they used a vibrator or dildo at least once.

#5 Flirting Over SMS Or Chat

          With the advances in mobile phone and internet technology, it’s not surprising to see people take advantage of the way mobile phones and the internet bring people closer together.  At least 37% of the respondents said they’ve tried flirting with someone through SMS or over chat, although the men reported higher numbers for doing this in the last month, the last year, and in their lifetime.

#6 Nude Photos

          Related to the use of mobile phones or the internet, the respondents also reported having received nude or semi-nude pictures of someone as well as sending their own nude or semi-nude pictures. What’s interesting here is that sending nude photos is more common in women, and conversely, the men reported higher numbers for receiving nude pictures.

#7 Anal Sex Toys

          Next to vibrators, anal sex toys are the most popular sex enhancement products, although only a small minority of the respondents reported this as one of their sexual behaviors. Just a little over 16% of the women said they tried it at least once, while 18% of the men have tried using anal sex toys.

#8 Sexual Enhancement Supplements

          With the boom in the supplements industry seemingly unstoppable, the use of sexual enhancement supplements in both the male and female respondents is surprisingly low. Less than 8% of the women reported using an herbal supplement or sexual enhancement pill at least once in their lives. And although the number is higher for the men, it was still just at 21.2%, with only 3.6% of the men saying they used a sexual enhancement supplement in the past month.

#9 Sex Over Skype

woman in lingerie having video chat over skype          Still related to the use of mobile phones and the internet, 12.1% of all the respondents said that they’ve had sex with someone using Skype or Facetime. However, only a handful said that they’ve done this in the past month, with only 2.4% of the male respondents reporting the behavior, and only 1% of the female respondents had sex using the apps in the past month.

#10 Sex-Related App

          Lastly, we have the use of a phone application related to sex, although this sexual behavior is not very common. Only 3.3% of the men reported they’ve tried it in the last month  while only 1.7% of the women said they’ve done so. However, this number may have already increased since the time the survey was conducted. There have been a lot of sex-related apps developed and released lately, from hooking up and dating to foreplay apps for couples, and a lot more.


Bottom Line

          Using sex toys and sex enhancement products are no longer shunned or considered taboo as they were in the past. More and more people are becoming more open to enhancing their sexual experience through the use of these sex enhancement products.

          In fact, couples who use sex toys together actually report higher sexual and relationship satisfaction. This suggests that sex toys and other sex products can increase the intimacy between couples. Couples who are willing to try new ways to becoming more intimate, such as using a phone app, also have a higher chance of maintaining the passion in their relationship. So, which sex toy have you and your partner used recently?

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