Why is testosterone so important?

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Why is testosterone so important?

Why is testosterone so important?

Testosterone is a growth hormone with which a body repairs itself. It helps build the protein that play vital roles in almost every function that out body performs. It has an effect on almost every aspect of a body of a human being. The testes and adrenal glands produce testosterone. Testosterone is actively produced as a male hits the puberty stage. However, at the age of 30 the testosterone level starts falling at a rate of 10 percent every decade. At the same time, Sex Binding Hormone Globulin (SHBG) starts increasing in the body. Testosterone is trapped by SHBG and is prevented from circulating and therefore exerting its effect on the body tissues. The amount that manages to escape the trap of SHBG is termed as “bioavailable” testosterone. Low bioavailable testosterone results in Andropause. Every man experiences the deficit of bioavailable testosterone, but some have an extremely low level of it, and these are the individuals who are likely to show andropausal symptoms. The variability of testosterone among men is substantial. Since testosterone is necessary for most body parts and is required for the normal functioning of the body, a lack of it can make the body undergo some major changes.

An optimal level of testosterone is vital for the following aspects in life

1. Will power increment

Testosterone affects one’s ability to take risks. Studies have shown that there are people who might not be in power or of high status, but due to high testosterone levels, they have the hunger to gain status and power, and are thus motivated in life. On the other hand, people already in higher positions or in power are found to be taking risks for more victories in order to hold on to their respective positions or status. Studies have also revealed that not only does the testosterone level go up before a competition but it gradually increases after the person wins, and thus increases the probability of the person’s next win.

2. Impressing the opposite sex

As per studies of the animal kingdom, the animals with higher testosterone levels dominate the ones with low testosterone when it comes to wooing the opposite sex. However, a recent study shows that this scenario is applicable for human males as well. It has also been revealed that the ability to control or dominate a conversation with a female has got a lot to do with a male’s pre-competition levels of testosterone.

3. Urges and erections

Testosterone is a sex hormone so it is vital for a man’s sex life because it gives him the power to perform well in his bedroom. So, if there is a rapid fall in the sexual urges or there is a case of sexual dysfunction in men, then it is most likely because of low testosterone levels. And if someone is performing fantastically and his partner is more than satisfied then it may be due to his high level of the hormone.

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