Why The Perfect Body Doesn’t Just Happen

by supplementrant
Why The Perfect Body Doesn’t Just Happen

If you’re an average guy trying to lose weight and sculpt the perfect body, there is a danger that you’re overdoing matters and going about things the wrong way. Because whilst some top athletes indulge in high-class training equipment that looks like it’s come from NASA, whilst drinking smoothies every 3 hours, taking freezing cold showers and indulging in deep tissue massages, you’re not a top athlete. You’re just an average guy.

This isn’t meant as a criticism, but it acts as a reminder that we should keep things simple. By over complicating matters, not only do we not lose as much weight as we’d like, but we also find ourselves unable to sustain the routine we’ve laid out for ourselves. This in turn leads to stress, fractured relationships, and a whole heck of hassle. So, join us as we return to the basics.

Choose The Right Program

Your training can’t excessively be beyond your actual goals; it has to align itself to them. So, before you begin, you need to ask yourself what your goals are. If you’re looking to shed a spare tire, pick a program that will help you to do that. If you’re preparing to compete in a triathlon, you’ll need to brush up on your biking, running and swimming. This is all very simple, and yet many of us pick the wrong program. We decide to read up on how Bradley Cooper got buff for his latest movie role and decide that that will work for us.

Instead, you need to be realistic. Make a program that will work for you. If you can’t find the time to workout during the week, you might end up enrolling yourself on a high-intensity program at the weekend, but this will do you more harm than good. Instead, find time during the week to do a bit here and there.

Take Your Time

How long do you think it takes to build an Olympian? A few months? A year? Two years, tops?


It takes around eight years – perhaps more.

So if you think you can just get into shape overnight, you’re totally wrong. You’re so far wrong, you’d get detention if this was the classroom.

Remember now, you’re an average guy trying to lose some weight. You’re not a “six weeks to a six pack” dude. You’re just not. So cut it out, get your head down and train consistently. If you take a long time to get into shape, big deal. It means you’ll stay in shape longer.

Don’t Head For Intensity Immediately

Intensity is hard to maintain, especially if you start with all guns blazing. It’s just not realistic.

Instead, we recommend that you nudge yourself along bit by bit. Don’t go all out straight away, but wait until you get stronger and fitter. It’s a process, and a long one, but if you inch your performance up each time, you will get there.

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