by Glenn Larson
couple having a nice run

Just like feeding, fashion and other indulgences characterize your life, so also, you must include fitness. While it is good to have fitness goals, it’s also important to put in mind that fitness is not only a means to an end but an integral aspect of healthy living.

 So, if you’ve been dieting or exercising on a short time-bound level only to resort to a diet-free or exercise-free life after you have attained your fitness goal in the short while; know that you are doing yourself much more harm than good. If you fail to acknowledge fitness as something you have to embrace throughout your entire life, your goal of living a healthy life might turn out bleak.  

We don’t want this happening to you; that’s why we have come up with this article to intimate you of the importance of keeping fit all day long.

What’s keeping fit?

man doing crunches, sit ups

Keeping fit is a simple concept and it means engaging in physical exercises to keep your body healthy. Heavy feasting on a high carb diet, excessive calorie intake, and high-cholesterol consumption characterize the modern-day nutritional life. Hence, the need to keep fit. You aren’t doing much good if you keep accumulating calories in your body and not burning them through by engaging in exercises and also watching what goes into your mouth. If you wish to live a sickness-free life, keeping fit must become your watchword.  

Ways of keeping fit

There are several things you can do to ensure that your body is in good condition. Whether you have accumulated much fat and you are trying to shed some pound; or if you just desire to maintain your balance, here are some of the tips you can use to keep fit;

Daily exercises

As said, physical exercises remain a constant as far as keeping fit is concerned. You can do it yourself at the comfort of your home with the help of online resources or you could avail yourself of the company of like-minded people with whom you can attain fitness goals together.

There are different exercises you can indulge in to keep fit. For instance, there’s the cardio exercise which you often indulge in unconsciously. Sometimes you run, swim, cycle around your community – these are all examples of cardio. Some exercises are specifically for shedding pounds while some others are for muscle breeding, strength building, endurance training, and so on. However, keep in mind that your goal is not to become the local weight lifting champ of your community, rather, it’s to keep fit. So, engage in only productive exercises.

Feeding right


This is also one of the most integral aspects of keeping fit as what goes into the mouth largely determines your body mass. So, watch what you eat.

Sleeping right

While you exercise and feed right by tracking calorie intake, it’s also important to put sleep into consideration too. You deserve enough sleep. So, to keep on the body’s fitness, never deprive your body of good sleep.

Track food and calorie intake

It’s easy to gulp down a large quantity of food and not achieve the level of satisfaction that is required for optimal functioning of the body. Also, the consumption of excess calories poses a lot of health risks to the body and this could jeopardize healthy living. To keep fit, you must track the quantity and nutritional value of everything that goes into your mouth as food. You must be deliberate about this.

Stay motivated

It’s not easy to keep fit. It’s quite a challenge. You just have to be intentional about it. Stay motivated and never give up on your fitness goal.

Not a short term goal

Most people are fond of engaging in exercises to achieve a short term fitness goal such as weight loss or muscle gains. After the attainment of these goals, they slack into their normal lives. This is not what keeping fit is all about. Being fit is not something that should be transient, it’s a series of related activities that should be incorporated into one’s life and lifestyle – it should be made habitual.

Benefits of keeping fit

The benefits of embracing fitness goals all day long are quite enormous. As emphasized earlier, it’s an activity that pays off in the long and not the short run. You’d enjoy the following if you embrace fitness as your lifestyle.

Balanced weight

You keep your weight in check by engaging in regular exercises and also by feeding on the right foods.

Ward offs disease

Excess cholesterol, carb, and calorie consumption are dangerous to health. By embracing perpetual fitness goals, you stand a chance of preventing yourself from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and other cardio-related diseases.

High self-esteem

Being fit bolsters your ego. Just embrace it.

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