Will True Slim Tea Help You Battle the Bloat?

by supplementrant
Will True Slim Tea Help You Battle the Bloat?

True Slim Tea Product Introduction

This tea was concocted by master herbalist Li-SI-Zhen who wanted to create a slimming and weight loss tea for the general public. He wanted to bring ancient Chinese herbal wisdom to help users boost their metabolisms and lose weight. The key ingredient in this product that Li-Si-Zhen used is Bamboo Leaf. The tea was created in 3 strengths 1. Regular Strength 2. Regular Plus 3. Extra Strength Formula. The tea is registered and approved by the FDA (Registration number 061512).

The tea helps users…

  1. Get rid of existing fat deposits
  2. Boost the metabolism to prevent more fat from being stored
  3. Turns fat into usable energy
  4. Eliminates water weight
  5. Creates regular bowel movements
  6. Cleanses colon to release toxins

The Elusive True Slim Tea Ingredients

Ingredients of True Slim Tea

It is difficult if not impossible to find the full ingredient list for True Slim Tea, which is a bit unnerving for first time users. The ingredients just say that it is a blend of all natural oriental herbs and Malva Verticellata. This can raise an eyebrow or two, but the ingredient list has been approved by the FDA, so how dangerous could just a few herbs be? Also in most cases, even if you saw the ingredient names you still would have no idea what the ingredients were because they are traditional Chinese names.

How True Slim Tea Works

True Slim Tea is a healthy weight loss tea bag that comes in a box. It is consumed after meals and should not be consumed in more than one cup a day, especially when first starting out. More experienced users can work their way up to drinking 2 cups a day.

How Much Does True Slim Tea Cost?

$4.29 for 30 bags of regular True Slim Tea and $2.99 for 12 bags of Extra Strength

How to Use:

  • Drink the tea during or within a half hour after the meal of your choice
  • Pour 5 oz of boiling water over the tea bag in a mug (first time users can use up to 8 oz)
  • Cover the cup to allow the herbs to steep fully into the water for a full 5 minutes (first time users can go for 2-3 minutes to dilute the herbs)
  • Stir and press the tea bag gently with a spoon
  • Stir well to release the fragrance fully
  • DO not add sweetness to the tea
  • Drink the tea was hot as you can stand without burning the tonuge
  • DO NOT drink cold, it alters the effectiveness

Should You Buy True Slim Tea – The Final Review

Weight loss tea

True Slim Tea is a really cheap alternative to expensive diet pills that contain tons of chemical and synthetic ingredients. Despite the fact that we don’t really know what is inside, we can trust that the FDA does and approved the tea. It has varying strengths and directions for first time users to follow so that they have a safe and pleasant time beginning to use the tea. They are not promising incredible weight loss results, it is more of a laxative. IF you are looking for regularity in your bowls I think this would be a really effective and healthy way to improve your digestion and elimination processes.

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